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Smite Game 3.25 Patch: The Morrigan, New Skins & More

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Smite Game 3.25 Patch: The Morrigan, New Skins & More

The Smite Game 3.25 Patch is the reason for huge excitement amongst fans. This brand new patch successfully makes a Donkey Kong out of Raijin. The Morrigan is a new character introduced through this patch as well.

The Smite Game 3.25 Patch is the centre of attention due to The Morrigan. The character is already known to many gamers courtesy last week’s Hi-Rez Expo. Her Ultimate is what really adds a new dimension to the mage known for stealth and summoning clones.

The Smite Game 3.25 Patch makes The Morrigan easily transformable into other characters. This is a source of huge excitement for fans because of the sheer novelty. She can easily change into any other character in any ongoing match.

What Else Is In Store?

She can also make use of all their abilities including the Ultimate as well. GameSpot reports that several new skins are also available with the patch. The Drums Out for Raijin is a major one in this regard.

This pays tribute to the legendary Donkey Kong. A gorilla with bananas and barrels is what Raijin becomes. His regular drum sticks and drums are now replaced through the patch.

New Skins are also available for Hou Yi, Ra, Athena and Ares. There are upgraded mystery skins for Hou Yi, Cabrakan and Ra too. Smite also confirms the New Goddess or The Morrigan as the central attraction.

She starts the game’s shift into the Celtic arena. Celtic inspired new skins are also available for Artemis and Terra. The Phantom Queen event gets you these skins along with one for The Morrigan herself.

What are the Rewards Available?

You can unlock several rewards through this intriguing board game. 1,000 gems have to be forked out for access. However, Twitch/Amazon Prime subscribers will enjoy free access. Other rewards include a pedestal, loading frame and music theme.

Several bug fixes are a major component of this patch. This somehow makes Susano’s Typhoon inflict more damage. The update is available for the PC version. The console versions are expected sometime soon.

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