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Smite Game Update Adds New Character Kuzenbo: Skills & Abilities Here

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Smite Game Update Adds New Character Kuzenbo: Skills & Abilities Here

Hi-Rez Studios revealed the contents of the Smite game patch 4.2. Check out the new Guardian-class character here.

All About Kuzenbo

Kuzenbo is a member of the Japanese pantheon and is based on the mythical kappa creature. As the new character in the Smite game, Kuzenbo can incur damage and retaliate at enemies.

His passive ability called Water Bowl builds up his Damage Reduction points. The damage can be decreased up to a maximum of 15 percent. These stacks can last for 10 seconds but are refreshed every time the character gets another set of points.

Kuzenbo’s first ability called NeNe Kappa shoots out a smaller version of the kappa. It can inflict damage and bounce off walls. Hitting an enemy causes the kappa to gradually spawn as an ally who attacks nearby opponents. Meanwhile, another Smite game item called Shell Spikes reflects a percentage of damage back at opponents. Using this item gives the owner and his team +15 protection buffs within five seconds.

Furthermore, Kuzenbo’s third ability called Sumo Slam causes him to charge forward. This lets him hit an enemy god, incurring damage to the foe.

Kuzenbo’s Ultimate

Kuzenbo’s Ultimate is called Watery Grave in the Smite game. He goes inside his shell and then spins continuously, giving him free movement in all directions as he inflicts damage and knocks back opponents in a few seconds. This looks to be a really effective way of driving enemies away from teammates. Players can essentially juggle them a few times during the course of the ability.

The addition of Kuzenbo is the most exciting part of the Smite update 4.2. While there are no new features introduced in the patch, there are some skins that can be used to dress up the characters. The skins include a robotic version of protagonist Ah Muzen Cab, known as Swarm Sentry, and Dread-Lord Fafnir.

A few items have had their prices amplified, while other playable characters such as Chiron and Chronos each got a buff. Chiron receives a physical power buff called Giddyup. It increases the damage players can inflict while attacking mid-sprint. Furthermore, Chiron’s Ultimate deals with more damage.

Chronos, on the other hand, sees improvements to the buffs that arrived in the Wheel of Time. Stop Time addresses more damage and Accelerate gives more movement speed.

Moreover, winged-warrior Nike is targeted with a nerf for To Victory. Her first ability called Rend is buffed with a slightly higher cooldown.

You can check out the full patch notes on Smite’s website.

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