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Sony New Games 2017 Already In Production, Exec Teases

Sony New Games 2017
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Sony New Games 2017 Already In Production, Exec Teases

It appears Sony new games 2017 are on their way to our beloved consoles. However, let’s take a deeper peek behind the curtains. It seems Sony is already working on unannounced titles.

This is after a historic reveal from Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida. Of course, now fans are more pressed in learning just what the titles are. Regardless, this poses a bright future ahead for Sony’s potential titles.

This is especially the case given the recent release of the PlayStation VR. However, this begs the question: just what are these games? And given Yoshida’s quite the confident announcement, just how big are they?

Sony New Games 2017: News, Speculations

Fans of Sony only know so far that some of the Sony new games 2017 are beyond exciting. This includes Horizon: Zero Dawn, to The Last of Us: Part Two and Death Stranding. However, it seems there’s more than meets the eye.

Shuhei Yoshida has just told Famitsu and Dengeki (as translated by Siliconera) that they already have unannounced titles in production. This means fans ought to wait for more teases for this year’s games. However, of course there’s always the possibility of these unannounced games to be released in later years.

According to Game Rant, this has led fan speculations to reach from sequels of old games to outright re-releases. This includes Bloodborne 2 and a new Crash Bandicoot Game, given the N Sane Trilogy. Still, without an official announcement from Sony, everything is just left to our best guesses.

Other speculated games include inFamous and a Sly Cooper game. Though given the recent cancellation of Microsoft’s Scalebound, Sony did promise it will tread more carefully on its ventures. They will also try to be more cautious with release dates, something Sony is known to be rather precarious with.

Updates, Free Games?

Sadly, not much is known about the current slate of new games under Sony’s wing. Still, fans can expect new offerings from the PlayStation Network Free Games program every month. Aside from that, one of Sony’s major releases will be here soon.

Players can catch Horizon Zero Dawn on February 28, 2017 and March 1, 2017. It’s a PlayStation exclusive, meaning fans ought to get their copy of the rather gorgeous game. Meanwhile, here’s a recent trailer for the Horizon Zero Dawn game.

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