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Sony OLED TV Price, Specs & What You Need To Know

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/IGN Account


Sony OLED TV Price, Specs & What You Need To Know

OLED TVs are incredibly expensive at the time they first appeared because of their advantage as compared to LCD TVs. They are thinner, have better image quality and wider viewing angle. Now, OLED TVs are slowly making it into the market starting with the Sony OLED TV being redesigned into their Bravia models. Their OLED TV is mostly a work in cooperation with LG.


Sony engaging into 4K OLED TVs could mean that prices would really go down as compared to when LG and its technology was the one main brand which had OLED TVs in the market. Moreover, Sony relies on LG panels which means that the price may definitely go lower because LG is not the lone wolf in the OLED TV scene anymore. But, there has been no official release regarding the price so far.

Specs and What You Need To Know

The Sony OLED TV is the Sony Bravia XBR-AE1 which is the first OLED TV by the company. The audio system has been integrated into the screen, thus transforming the display into a speaker which is called the Acoustic Surface. Basically, the screen is a speaker which emits sound from the back of the screen itself. But there will be no distortion on the image of the screen due to the vibration. The sound it creates is also commendable according to first hand reports. The Acoustic Surface has been made possible because of the thinness of the TV.

Speculations claim that the speaker idea has been the work of LG Display as well. But the South Korean electronics company has not officially owned up to it. The company is allowed to develop and sell its own technology even to LG Electronics’ competition because the former is a separate entity from the latter.


Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/IGN Account

More specs include a 55-inch, 65-inch or 77-inch Ultra HD option with a high dynamic range (HDR) screen. This Sony OLED TV supports Dolby Vision content. It also runs Android TV and provides built-in Google Cast. It can be controlled through Google Home. This TV is specifically good for gaming as well because of its dynamic specs. The TV also comes with a stand to help prop it up.

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