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Specs Of New Cars 3 Characters Jackson Storm & Cruz Ramirez

Cars 3 Characters
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Specs Of New Cars 3 Characters Jackson Storm & Cruz Ramirez

Ever since Disney’s Cars aired, many fell in love with its characters and storyline. Because of that, sequels of the film were created since fans of the movie are asking for more. With Disney planning another sequel, new Cars 3 characters are announced to join it.

No doubt, this new addition will make the movie more exciting. But who are the new characters and what are their roles? How will they affect pro racer Lightning McQueen?

Cars 3 Characters And Roles

The new mobile millennials who will be joining the show is Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. The new Cars 3 characters will be bringing more heart-racing moments worth looking forward to.

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Jackson, who is voiced by Social Network star Armie Hammer, is “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” and is a flashy villain who will pose a threat to McQueen. Meanwhile, Cruz is voiced by stand-up comedian Cristela Alonzo and is a new trainer and longtime fan of McQueen.

Meet Jackson Storm

Jackson, a representation of modern cars after more than a decade since Cars 2006, believes that everything is easy for him and that he is faster than anyone. His design is more modern than that of McQueen. Hence, when Jackson is next to the pro racer, he looks old.

He also thinks that the world is his and he could take over it. Aside from that, Pixar director Brian Fee told Entertainment Weekly that Jackson “thinks the future of racing and the high-tech ways they train and what they can do means they’re taking the sport to a new level, and the older guys had their day, and it’s done, and they have no place in the future of racing.”

Jackson is 2017 Custom-built “Next-Gen” Piston Cup Racer which runs at top speed of 214 mph. Its engine type is at Maximum Performance V-8 with 850 hp, hydrformed alloy & steel chassis and a Carbon fiber & metal composite.

Meet Cruz Ramirez

But despite the threat of Jackson to McQueen’s racing career, Cruz is there to help him. While others dislike McQueen because of his old age, Cruz will not do that. According to GameSpot, Cruz will take inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet while training McQueen.

She is optimistic, sunny, fierce and would do anything to help. Being a fan of McQueen, she is apparently on his side and she will be his new coach.

Cruz is a 2017 CRS Sports Coupe with top speed of 210 mph, Aerodynamic Venturi Channeled chassis, lightweight alloy body and High Performance DOHC V-6.

Story guru and Cars whisperer John Lasseter and director Fee, Cars 3 is by far the most human of all the franchise and is very emotional. The show runners did not confirm if this will be the finale of Disney Cars.

Cars 3 hits the big screen on June 16, 2017. Owen Wilson will return to voice McQueen. Also returning as voice actors are Larry the Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin, and Paul Dooley.

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