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Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Release Date: Where It Fits In MCU Timeline

Spider-Man Homecoming Movie


Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Release Date: Where It Fits In MCU Timeline

The year 2017 is in for a good start as Marvel announces its release date for the most anticipated Spider-Man Homecoming movie. Everyone is dying to see the trailer below to know where Spider-man stands in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Marvel Makes A Great Move

A number of sources report:

The Spider-Man Homecoming movie has much to offer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This fact goes beyond the resurrection of classic elements in the story like Spider-Man’s web wings and his relationship with the characters in the whole MCU.

Many fans were thinking how Spidey would fit in a mega-franchise such as MCU. A potential possibility is that Spider-Man will be working for a place in the Avengers.

His partnership with Tony Stark [Robert Downey, Jr.] toughens up a long-dreamed MCU dynamics. Nevertheless, this team-up hints us with another trilogy for Spider-Man in the future.

Spider-Man’s position in the MCU franchise is unmistakably threaded to a timeline. Tony Stark’s black right eye, for instance, sustains from Captain America: Civil War to the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer.

This remarkable detail reveals to us that the events in the upcoming movie immediately follow Tony and Peter’s first adventure in Captain America: Civil War, Cinema Blend reported.

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Marvel Announces The Release Date

Marvel finally announced the film’s release date after so many inquiries from fans. Yes. The Spider-man Homecoming movie will be swinging into theaters on July 7, 2017.

Fantastic Trailer

Many have reacted to the trailer. It was fantastic, fast and swinging with action-paced scenes. Many of the fans inquired too on how the writers would be able to tweak MCU’s timeline to put in Spidey in the picture.

There is much job to be done of course. But, that is only up to the brilliant screenplay team. The team features names like John Francis Daley, Erick Sommers, Jonathan Goldstein, etc. Both MCU and Columbia Pictures Co. considered them as significant to the film-making success.

Spider-Man Homecoming 2 Is Possibly On The Way?

The fans reacted to Spider-Man Homecoming with surprisingly welcoming cheers. The MCU then, announced the release date for Spider-Man Homecoming 2 on July 5, 2019. Now, that’s one hell of a franchise!

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