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Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Trailer: What Andrew Garfield REALLY Thinks Of It

Image Source: Andrew Garfield Twitter Account


Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Trailer: What Andrew Garfield REALLY Thinks Of It

Spiderman is like The Hulk and Superman — they’ve gone through several actor changes since they were adapted to the big screen. The web sliner was famously portrayed by Tobey Maguire, and was then transferred to Andrew Garfield and shortly after to Tom Holland. Now that the Spider-Man Homecoming movie trailer has recently premiered, what does Garfield really think of it?

Andrew Garfield and his cut short portrayal of Spiderman

Tobey Maguire was not an ideal Spiderman for some but he still did good in helping the trilogy reach outstanding box office performance. After the three films, a reboot was made and Garfield landed the role. It seemed promising especially months leading up to the first movie’s premiere.

Fans were excited about the reboot and to see what Garfield can do with the character. On top of that, Gwen Stacy was in the picture so it provided a different storyline than that of Maguire’s movies.

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Unfortunately, his time as Spiderman was cut short and was only able to release two films. Amazing Spiderman and Amazing Spiderman 2 still had good box office performances but definitely less than what was expected. Cinemablend even reported that it was due to less than stellar returns.

Andrew Garfield’s opinion on the Spider-Man Homecoming movie trailer

ET‘s Cameron Mathison recently did an impromptu interview with Garfield during the recently held Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles. Mathison asked the previous Spiderman what his thoughts were on the first official trailer of the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie. Garfield said that he thinks it is great and that he is excited to see it.

Although his journey as Spiderman was cut short, it seems like the actor moved on quite well. Why wouldn’t he? He is nominated for Best Actor in the Critics’ Choice Award this year.

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