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Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Reveals Surprise Avenger Cameo – And It’s NOT Iron Man

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer
Screen grab from Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube Channel


Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Reveals Surprise Avenger Cameo – And It’s NOT Iron Man

Yet another Spider-Man Homecoming trailer has just been released, but this latest one comes with its own twist. As some fans may know, the Spider-Man Homecoming cast also includes the one and only Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. The “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” has been heavily featured in several trailers for the upcoming Spidey flick, having been the catalyst to bring the young Peter Parker his current Spidey suit.

However, as the recent trailer shows, Iron Man–portrayed by actor Robert Downey, Jr.–isn’t the only Avenger making an appearance in the film. Fans will be delighted to see one of his comrades (former or otherwise) making a cameo in the movie as well.

Who Shows Up In The Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer?

The trailer first shows off our favorite webslinger balancing his alter ego life with his regular high school days. Nothing we haven’t seen in other Spider-Man trailers, right? However, a cameo by none other than the Star Spangled Man himself has left some fans blindsided, as the appearance by good ol’ red, white, and blue was quite unexpected.

That’s right. We’re talking about Captain America. Surprise, surprise! Steve Rogers himself shows up in the upcoming film, but we only get the briefest of glimpses at him in the trailer.

This cameo counts for something, as Chris Evans–the actor who has portrayed Captain America–is already nearing the end of his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) contract. The contract in question pertains to the number of films Evans was set to appear within the MCU, cameos included. Seeing as he is already part of the Avengers: Infinity War cast, his Homecoming cameo adds another film to his quota. This suggests that the possibility of Evans extending his contract beyond the set number of movies agreed on might be something in the horizon.

Despite apparently showing up in the sneak peek, Captain America might not have that big of a role, if any, in the story, considering his appearance was only through some sort of educational video shown in Peter’s class. It’s also worth noting that Cap’s garb looks a little outdated, which suggests that perhaps his appearance in the MCU might have been somewhat pre-recorded.

This prospect can be further reinforced by the fact that Captain America is technically on the run now, following the events of his last film, Captain America: Civil War. Fans last saw Cap in the nation of Wakanda as his best friend, Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. The Winter Soldier), went into cryogenic sleep once more in order to protect others from his unstable mind.

Civil War was an explosive face-off amongst The Avengers, with its conclusion ultimately leaving them divided. It was also the movie in which Tom Holland’s Spider-Man made his debut in the MCU at last.

What’s Next For Spider-Man?

It has already been confirmed that Holland will be joining the Avengers: Infinity War cast. Thus, fans can expect his return there after Homecoming. However, considering the MCU’s history of random cameos across several of their films–Captain America’s sudden arrival in the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer being a prime example–fans could see Spider-Man in other upcoming MCU movies prior to Infinity War.

Catch the trailer below and witness the Captain America surprise for yourself:

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