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Splinter Cell Movie May Surpass Assassin’s Creed Film – Here’s Why

Splinter Cell movie


Splinter Cell Movie May Surpass Assassin’s Creed Film – Here’s Why

The Splinter Cell movie is expected to be a blockbuster. Its movie producer definitely thinks so. He also feels that it will outstrip Assassin’s Creed in terms of performance.

The Splinter Cell movie is eagerly awaited by a lot of fans. Producer Basil Iwanyk is confident that the film adaptation of the video game will beat Assassin’s Creed. He also talks of the absence of any “specific backstory” being a major strength of his movie.

The Assassin’s Creed movie had a lot riding on it. However, the film was a huge flop with domestic audiences. The film struggled to break even at the box office. It also fell prey to critics and reviewers. Several fans and critics also expressed their disappointment at the movie falling by the wayside and not breaking the trend.

What Iwanyk Also Says

The Splinter Cell movie will be a groundbreaking one according to the producer. Game Rant reports that there is prevailing doubt over the capabilities of this movie. However, Iwanyk states that Assassin’s Creed possessed a “very specific world to it and a very specific storyline, character, all that stuff.”

He also states that his movie will essentially resemble a simple first person shooter milieu without any specific past references. This attracts viewers more as per his assessment. He talks of how this enables his team to create a whole new world by augmenting and filling out the characters. He also feels that this flick will not be any other gaming movie that seems straight out of the video game version.

Iwanyk also thinks that the movie is going to be “badass” and it will be a typical “Tom Hardy action movie” which is the desired goal. He reveals that the film has a lengthy script. He also adds that it is one of the best scripts he ever witnessed.

More Inside Information on the Movie 

The team is planning to “cut some pages” according to him. This is before the script goes over to Tom Hardy, the star of the flick. This will reportedly take place in the next two weeks. Iwanyk also believes that Tom Hardy is an ardent gamer. The actor reportedly wants to “play this character really, really badly.”

Iwanyk also shares that his team is trying to “get it done this year.” This is good news for fans who are eagerly waiting to catch the movie.Screen Crush reports that fans fear long delays stalling the film. Though fans fear several delays for the film, such concerns should now be nipped in the bud.

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