A Victim of Hacking

Now, Square Enix Europe Twitter hacked by some unknown troll. The hacker changed the account’s bio to “#cyberwolfgang”. The hacker posted some silly tweets such as “I am the greatest hacker alive… someone hire me LOL”. This tweet was the first one to appear in the account on January 6, at around 6AM Eastern Time. Soon after, the hacker followed them up with more tweets such as “if u don’t watch anime then what are u doing with ur life??”

The Just Cause Twitter account was also hacked. Just Cause is an action-adventure game and it is the first in its series. It was published by Square Enix Europe itself. The hacker was the same as the one who got into the main Square Enix Europe account as can be gleaned from the tweet “#cyberwolfgang everywhere!!” in the Just Cause account.

The hacker was able to tweet in the Square Enix Europe Twitter hacked account for 30 minutes. Thereafter, the account was locked according the the hacker’s tweet in the Just Cause account – “so @SQUARE_ENIX_EU got locked -_-”

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