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Square Enix Holiday Sale 2016: Full List Of Deals For iOS & Android

Square Enix Holiday Sale 2016
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Square Enix Holiday Sale 2016: Full List Of Deals For iOS & Android

This holiday season, what could be better than keeping your hands full of items from the Square Enix Holiday Sale 2016. The biggest plus about the items placed on sale this Christmas is that they are matched-up for the best gadgets and gizmos. Prepare yourself for the full list of deals for iOS and Android.

Square Enix Offers It All

The source of all the fun- from Final Fantasy, Chaos Rings and into the Secret of Mana, not to mention glorious Chrono Trigger, Square Enix has not had enough with keeping a joyous holiday spirit. Just today, it has announced a Square Enix Holiday Sale 2016. The sale will be running until January 5, 2017. How far have the items dropped in price? They’re all 20-50 percent off.

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Here Are the Square Enix Holiday Sale 2016 Game Items With Discounted Price:

  1. Final Fantasy 4– $6.99 [iOS], $7.99 [Android]
  2. Final Fantasy Dimensions– $6.99 [Android/iOS]
  3. Romancing Saga 2– $14.99 [Android/iOs]
  4. Chaos Rings 3– $9.99 [Android/iOs]
  5. Chrono Trigger– $4.99 [Android/iOs]
  6. Adventures of Mana– $6.99 [Android/iOs]
  7. Final Fantasy 5-$7.99 [Android/iOs]
  8. Final Fantasy 4: The After Years – $7.99 [Android/iOS]
  9. Secret of Mana– $ 3.99 [Android/iOs]
  10. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions – $6.99 [Android/iOS]

See more deals here.

The items lay in with just a click on the mobile device. Square Enix Holiday Sale 2016 makes sure that these high-quality game items acquired in the smallest prices possible.

By all means, Square Enix once again assures its fans that the games offered herein are of the optimum quality. Most notably, Final Fantasy 7 emerges as the best package from all these titles. It is currently on wait for a remake by Square Enix. The offering by Square Enix may actually serve as a leeway for fans to relinquish the game’s atmosphere before it is finally lined-up for remake.

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