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Star Ocean Anamnesis Characters Update Adds Millie, Roddick & More

Star Ocean Anamnesis
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Star Ocean Anamnesis Characters Update Adds Millie, Roddick & More

The extravagant Square Enix video game masterpiece Star Ocean Anamnesis boasts of a new look today. Square Enix, its publishing company, released screenshots today showing newly-added characters Millie, Clair, Roddick and Reimi. Check out the characters’ profiles.

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The Biggest Updates So Far:

After Square Enix released the trailer for action-packed RPG game Star Ocean Anamnesis and launched it to be available in Japan, it added four multi-player features in its platform. Fans can only expect much from the game or not expect at all.

Just today, Square Enix shared and released interesting screenshots of new and updated Star Ocean Anamnesis characters, Roddick, Millie, Reimi and Clair.

Here Are The Star Ocean Anamnesis Character Profiles:

  1. Millie. Voiced by Hitomi Nabatame [Japanese] and Katie Leigh [American], Millie’s character appeared as one of the main characters in Star Ocean: First Departure. Millie lived in Kratus on the planet Roak. She shows a very friendly and chatty character. But when it comes to battle, Millie’s character turns stern and unforgiving.
  2. Roddick Farrence. Roddick was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal during the 2008 Star Ocean 1st Hiro Yuki was the Japanese counterpart of Lowenthal in performing Roddick. The character of Roddick Farrence comes from the planet Roak. Nevertheless, he also guarded his hometown Kratus while teaming up with Dorne and Millie. Roddick boasts of an incredible knack for handling long swords. Ultimately, he can utilize long and extremely heavy weapons with his liking.
  3. Reimi Saionji. Reimi is given life by voice actress Laura Bailey. She supports Edge Maverick in the Star Ocean: Last Hope. At a young age, Reimi partook of the maiden voyage of Space Reconnaissance Force. She stood at Maverick’s side as a trusted best friend for years.
  4. Clair Lasbard. Clair’s character is given life by voice actress Lia Sargent. She is one of the most trustworthy agents working for Aquaria. In Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time, she was revealed as the daughter of Adray Lasbard. She hails from planet Elicoor II.

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