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Star Wars Episode 8 Trailer Leaked: Luke’s First Line Revealed

Star Wars Episode 8


Star Wars Episode 8 Trailer Leaked: Luke’s First Line Revealed

Star Wars Episode 8 has been creating widespread excitement amongst fans worldwide. Before the new series has been officially released, a tiny trailer has already been leaked. This has now led to widespread speculation amongst viewers.

The Star Wars Episode 8 trailer leak has created ripples online. The Week reports YouTube user Mike Zeroh stating that thorough research has substantiated a claim made by several people. Luke Skywalker will say “You contain the spark that will rekindle the fire” to Rey.

Zeroh still questions the sheer authenticity of this claim and already warns fans not to easily accept this as the truth. However, he still admits that there is a strong chance of this turning out to be real.

Experts talk of how the Star Wars Episode 8 trailer dialogue is neatly encompassed in just a line. This line contains all the necessary vagueness to provide a hint without revealing anything about the actual plot. The new film will take off right from where the earlier one ended.

Why Rey is Important for the Jedi

Many feel that Rey’s past will now be emphasized in a much bigger way. Luke Skywalker may well take Rey’s existence as the Jedi’s last chance at future survival. There are several fan theories which believe that Rey is actually Luke Skywalker’s daughter and a Jedi herself.

You can watch the trailer here:

Daisy Ridley plays Rey and she has earlier stated that she doesn’t “know if I am a Jedi…I don’t think I am”. She also talked of how there is a strong debate on whether Leia is a Jedi. iDigital Times reports that Luke Skywalker accepted voluntary exile after his dream ended in despair.

The Younglings witnessed a huge debacle which also represented the death of Skywalker’s dream. When Rey shows up, Skywalker may well interpret her presence to be a last chance for the Jedi’s future.

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