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Star Wars Rogue One Release Date & News: Here’s What George Lucas REALLY Thinks

Star Wars Rogue One


Star Wars Rogue One Release Date & News: Here’s What George Lucas REALLY Thinks

Star Wars Rogue One news has been tantalizing fans of the series for a long time now. Rogue One has now come in for praise from George Lucas himself. Lucas had earlier praised Star Wars: The Force Awakens moderately.

Star Wars Rogue One news updates state that Lucas is really happy with the movie. According to director Gareth Edwards, the legend has shown his support for the movie. Edwards made this statement at a press conference for the movie in San Francisco.

Did Lucas Really Like The Movie?

Game Spot reports that Rogue One rumors are abuzz about George Lucas really liking the movie. Edwards said how he “can die happy now”. While praising Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lucas had talked of how the movie did veer away from his vision.

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He has however been unanimous about liking the movie right from the get go. Edwards talked of showing Lucas the movie around two days earlier. He also said how it “meant a lot” when Lucas said he liked the movie.

What Edwards Said 

He likened Lucas’ assessment to the “most important review to me” without any “offense to anyone”. He also talked of how he would take “that conversation” with Lucas “to my grave”. Being with Lucas and conversing on the film was a “real privilege” since “his opinion means the world to me”.

Edwards has previously revealed how Lucas paid a visit to the set of the movie. He also talked of how Lucas joked about adding some more CGI to the same. He talked of how Lucas joked about not building a lot and doing more “in the computer”.

However, the team did not take his joke as serious advice and shot “in-camera” as much as possible. Lucasfilm has released a new feature which displays the largely physical aspect of creature effects in the movie. Cinema Blend also reports how George Lucas has really liked the movie.

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