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Star Wars Rogue One Sequel: What’s Next For The Franchise

Star Wars Rogue One


Star Wars Rogue One Sequel: What’s Next For The Franchise

Will there be a Star Wars Rogue One sequel? There has been immense anticipation building up about a possible sequel to the series. However, it has now been confirmed that no such sequel will be filmed.

The Star Wars Rogue One sequel will not be a reality anytime soon as per reports. Forbes has reported that this has been confirmed by none other than the Lucas Film president Kathleen Kennedy.

The cancellation of the Star Wars Rogue One sequel has disappointed innumerable fans worldwide. Additionally, there are now reports that several characters from the first installment will be killed off.

The characters required to survive will necessarily be Darth Vader and Mon Mothma among others. The Star Wars: Rogue One movie helped the makers create the extended narrative revolving around Star Wars.

Star Wars: Rogue One being successful will lead to other anthology films being released as well. These films are supposed to be centered on other characters like Bobba Fett and Han Solo. Fans are also hoping for a film dedicated to Ben Kenobi.

Why Some Fans Are Not Disappointed

The Star Wars: Rogue One movie will hence be completely unique and will not be tied to any major character in the original trilogy. Fans are hoping for stories like Star Wars: TIE Fighter or even Knights of the Old Republic (which came as a video game). Even Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game possessed a fantastic storyline.

Variety has also confirmed that Star Wars: Rogue One will not be getting any sequel. The absence of a sequel may actually be a good thing as per several fans. These fans subscribe to the above views that a single movie may facilitate other interesting Star Wars stories to be made into films.

Some fans are also hoping to get into new terrain with such unique stories. The Luke Skywalker legacy has been done and dusted. In this scenario, the absence of a Star Wars: Rogue One may actually be a boon.

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