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StarCraft: Remastered Confirmed – 4K Graphics, Blizzard App Support & More

StarCraft: Remastered
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StarCraft: Remastered Confirmed – 4K Graphics, Blizzard App Support & More

Blizzard Entertainment is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Besides their hit game franchises (do the names World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch ring any bells?), they are also busy working on bringing back some old school favorites. In particular, they will be bringing back the 1998 real-time strategy game, StarCraft, with StarCraft: Remastered.

The company recently revealed that they will be releasing SC: Remastered, a revamp of the beloved game. This time, however, the title will be making its comeback with a whole slew of improvements.

What To Expect From StarCraft: Remastered

The forthcoming StarCraft reboot will feature improved audio, higher-resolution graphics with 4K resolution support, and even support for Blizzard’s multiplayer network and game launcher. The remaster will also include new matchmaking abilities and additional illustrations for campaign missions. Despite all these notable improvements, fans need not worry about the StarCraft gameplay, as Blizzard had made it a point to “precisely preserve” such aspects of the game.

“Updated graphics, modern amenities, and other new features won’t matter if we ruin gameplay,” explained Classic Games senior producer Pete Stilwell. “Replays from 1.16 still work in SC Remastered. That’s how true we’ve been.”

While new artwork will help bring the story to life in single-player mode, the multiplayer campaign will boast social features and “advanced” matchmaking. Cloud saves will also be included so as to maintain everything in between a player’s progress.

What Brought On The Remaster In The First Place?

HD revamps of old (and relatively recent) franchises have been abundant as of late, especially with the rapid growth of technology and the improvements made in the quality delivered by the industry. With that said, Blizzard most certainly will not be left behind, and what better way to keep up than to treat the legion of StarCraft fans?

“We decided this was going to be our love letter to the SC diehards,” said Stilwell. “So while the team dusted off the repos, rebuilt the pipeline, and rediscovered the codebase, we also spent hundreds of hours connecting with passionate and proactive folks all over the globe: the ones who have been keeping this game going.”

StarCraft: Remastered has yet to have an official release date and price, but it’s set to be available for Windows and Mac users. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to stay updated on more news regarding Blizzard’s exciting new announcement!

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