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Street Fighter 5 Characters: What To Expect From February 9 Reveal

Street Fighter 5
Image source: @StreetFighter Twitter account

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Street Fighter 5 Characters: What To Expect From February 9 Reveal

Street Fighter 5 is a fighting video game by Capcom and Dimps. It is already the sixth installment in the Street Fighter franchise. The game has 16 characters from the date of its launch, four of whom are new to the series. A story mode and some more additional characters have been added via updates and downloadable content.

Capcom promises to deliver a new character on February 9 for Street Fighter 5 in lieu of game’s 30th anniversary this 2017. The company also teased that it will be giving more surprises during the E3 2017, or even at the San Diego Comic-Con this year. However, they did not say if the surprises were actually related to Street Fighter.

New Character Reveal

Capcom took the announcement regarding a new Street Fighter 5 character to Twitter. However, the company did not reveal any more details on the said mysterious character. It is to be recalled that the last character who made its way on the present Street Fighter game was the villain Akuma. His fighting techniques were showcased last December. He was debuted by showing a gameplay trailer at the PlayStation Experience 2016 event.

During the event, Capcom said that it will reveal five more new characters this year. Some theorized that Helen, who is an agent of Illuminati, will be the first character reveal.

Street Fighter 5Pia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

The first female fighter of Street Fighter, Chun-Li, fighting Rashid.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Izuni account

New Track

In addition to the new character, Capcom said in the tweet that it will premiere a new track from rapper Lupe Fiasco’s album called Drogas Light to promote the release of the character. Lupe Fiasco is a huge fan of video games. As pointed out by Game Rant, he is also a huge Street Fighter fan because he beat Daigo Umehara – a Japanese arcade fighting video game player – in a game a year ago. The gaming website also speculated on the possibility that Capcom may even partner up with Lupe Fiasco to reveal the new character.

Game’s Sales

As IGN opined, Street Fighter is here to stay despite its apparent low sales. Six weeks after the launch date of the game, Capcom shipped 1.4 million copies to retailers. Last week, the game already sold 1.5 million copies. It is thus presumed that the game has only sold an additional 100,000 units since its launch.

Street Fighter 5 was released last February 16, 2016. The game is now available for PC and PS4. It also has a single player and multi-player mode.

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