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Street Fighter 5 DLC: Akuma Available With New Move Set

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Street Fighter 5 DLC: Akuma Available With New Move Set

Great news for fans of Akuma: he will now be playable in Street Fighter 5 in an upcoming DLC, which also includes 5 completely new characters!

His latest appearance to date in a Street Fighter game was in Street Fighter 4. So it was quite a surprise, and even a disappointment for most when he wasn’t present in the most recent Street Fighter game. It even lead to speculations that he could be unlocked in some way. His canonical appearance in Tekken 7 might also be considered a sign of the return of the Raging Demon.

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Akuma’s New Move Set?

Long time users of the Raging Demon might need to make a few adjustments in his glorious return in Street Fighter 5 however. His stance, and even the appearance of his moveset, appears to be mostly the same. However, some of its mechanics appears to had been tweaked.

Website Event Hubs had posted a detailed moves list, along with the new colors and costumes, aside from the classic Akuma look. More proficient Akuma users should be able to spot the differences from this previous incarnations.

5 completely new characters?

As also reported in the We Got This Covered website, Capcom had announced 5 upcoming completely new characters as well. However, only a vague silhoutte of the new characters had been shown. No official details have been released as of now regarding this. But judging from the wording, they appear to be brand new characters, as opposed to the return of some old time favorites in the series.

Capcom had gained a negative reputation with its various fanbase a few years ago, like the infamous Devil May Cry reboot and their treatment of Megaman.

But with the latest Resident Evil back to its survival horror roots, and the inclusion of Megaman X in the upcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, Capcom appears to be returning to their senses. The inclusion of Akuma in the latest Street Fighter 5 DLC is another positive sign, which would be out this December 20.

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