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Street Fighter 5 Patch Leaked: Training Mode, Music Select & More

Street Fighter 5
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Street Fighter 5 Patch Leaked: Training Mode, Music Select & More

The upcoming DLC Street Fighter 5 was accidentally leaked, making Akuma available even before the official release of the patch, along with things related to the music in the game.

Only 4 days to go before the DLC gets released this upcoming 20th of December. Dataminers aside, the leaks could be mainly be credited to Capcom itself for accidentally leaking it on Steam.

Akuma is playable right now!

The raging demon is now playable for those who couldn’t wait for the official release date. However, only PC owners would have the luxury to do so, as the beta patch leak could only be downloaded from Steam.

A bit of tweaking also had to be done in order to play as Akuma. A character must be replaced by his data in order to become playable, which also causes the game to become occasionally unstable.

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Data on the 5 new playable characters?

As of now, dataminers efforts are in vain in uncovering anything involving the 5 new announced characters.

Music Select option and new music theme

The beta patch also includes the option to change the music in the various modes of the game such as in versus and training mode. This feature would likely be still included in the official release.

There would also be a new selectable theme for the Christmas in New York stage.

New Special Icon

There would be a new special icon specifically for ragequitters in the game. This is in order to discourage ragequitters, which are common in online games, especially when it comes to competitive games.

A D-Input support has also been added for arcade sticks on the PC. The leaks for Street Fighter 5 could also be confirmed at the PC Games N and Segment Next websites.

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