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Street Fighter Resurrection Web Series: How It Differs From The Video Game

Street Fighter Resurrection
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Street Fighter Resurrection Web Series: How It Differs From The Video Game

The first season of Street Fighter Resurrection is set a decade after the events that occurred in Assassin’s Fist. Here’s a look at how the web series compares to the iconic video games.

Street Fighter Resurrection revolves around Charlie Nash (Alain Moussi), who was presumed dead after a fight with Guile and Chun-Li. He returns and is out to defeat the legendary Street Fighter heroes. Ryu (Mike Moh) and Ken (Christian Howard) are out to unveil Charlie’s plan of attack.

Passionate fans of any video game or book have always been skeptical when their favorites are turned into film. Director Joey Ansah admitted last March that it is a double edged sword, especially since the web series is loosely based on the plot of Street Fighter 5. Furthermore, Resurrection needs to stay true to the games as much as possible. This is a feat that is very difficult, since the games showcase ominous fight scenes that may be difficult for actors to portray.

Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 vs. Street Fighter Resurrection

The web series received rave reviews, thanks to the dedication of the actors to fight just like the heroes in Street Fighter 5. Even more, the multitude of solid fight sequences are enough for the fans to give the series a thumbs up.

Alain Moussi received rave reviews due to his portrayal of Charlie Nash. The acting was truly reminiscent of the antagonist in Capcom’s games, which is good news to the fans. The web series also introduced new characters that appeared in the game with Laura Matsuda (Natascha Hopkins) leading the pack.

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Characters’ Looks In The Series vs. Street Fighter 5

The production team made an effort to make the actors look like the characters in the game. Moussi successfully matched Charlie’s hair in the series. Moreover, fans were also impressed at the accurate depiction of Ken in the series.

It seems the production team and actors of Resurrection were able to give justice to the iconic Street Fighter franchise. Curious fans can check out the four episodes of the first season found in Street Fighter 5 is now available on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

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