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Super Mario Odyssey News: The Truth Behind Mario’s Hat

Super Mario Odyssey
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Nintendo account


Super Mario Odyssey News: The Truth Behind Mario’s Hat

Super Mario Odyssey is an upcoming platform video game by Nintendo. Nintendo will release it by the fourth quarter of the year on the latest Nintendo Switch. In the main Super Mario franchise, it will be the seventh 3D platformer game. The 3D game will show a new big city. There is a mystery in this seventh 3D Super Mario game, and the secret lies in the strange and intriguing hat of Mario.

The Truth Behind Mario’s Hat

Mario’s hat gives him support and may even have a mind of its own in the Super Mario Odyssey game. In a report by Polygon, a fan theorized about the magic behind Mario’s red hat. The theory came from a Reddit user named lucamegh. The user said that there is actually a creature inside the fashion item, thus giving magic to Mario’s hat.

“The eyes on Mario’s cap look exactly like those of the evil rabbits aboard the airship making their scene in the reveal trailer,” lucamegh noted in connection with Super Mario Odyssey. “What if there is a (good) magic rabbit underneath Mario’s cap? What if this magic rabbit gives Mario the new abilities showcased in the trailer? It would also explain why there’s is a rabbit-sized door on Mario’s ship!” he added.

Judging from the trailer of the gamethis theory makes sense because the eyes of the rabbits as shown in the trailer are similar to the eyes in Mario’s hat. As also shown in the trailer, the hat helps Mario jump from one building to another in New Donk City. The trailer also puts a lot of emphasis on the hat. For instance, the hat is in the logo for the game itself and it was shown that Bowser had stepped on it.

Super Mario OdysseyPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

The rabbits that may be in Mario’s hat as pointed out by Reddit user lucamegh.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Nintendo account

Nintendo’s Response

Nintendo has neither debunked nor affirmed this theory as cited in a report. However, fans such as the Reddit user himself who created a whole thread on this issue hope that the company will soon reveal the deal with the hat. It may be that Nintendo is adapting the concept behind its very own Banjo Kazooie (where the main character is accompanied by a trustworthy character), or its successor Yooka Laylee (in which a bird hides out in his buddy’s backpack).

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