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Super Mario Run Android Release Now Available, Launches Ahead Of Schedule

Super Mario Run Android Release
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Super Mario Run Android Release Now Available, Launches Ahead Of Schedule

Surprise, surprise! The Super Mario Run Android release has launched earlier than expected. While it was initially set for a March 23 launch, Nintendo has instead released the game for Android users on the Google Play Store several hours before its expected launch. The sudden availability of Super Mario Run for Android users has thus surprised fans across the board.

The game first made its debut on the iOS platform back in December, but it received some mixed reviews. Many had argued that although the game starts off as a free application, users had remarked on the steep price, having to cash out $9.99 if they want to access the full game. This is a noteworthy detail, considering not a lot of users ended up paying the full price in the long run.

Despite some reviews praising the Super Mario Run gameplay as a successful venture into the mobile gaming scene, others had expressed annoyance at the fact that the game needed an Internet connection to be played.

Does The Super Mario Run Android Release Have Any Differences From Its iOS Version?

The Android counterpart of Super Mario Run remains the same as its iOS version. Just like the iOS version, the Android release includes a trial of the World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder modes. With it also comes courses 1-1 to 1-4 for free, just like in the iOS version as per the game’s most recent updates.

The game’s Android release also makes way for the title’s 2.0 version, which is a notable improvement, considering the iOS version has still remained on version 1.1.2 as of late. As to when the iOS counterpart will be getting version 2.0 is still unknown.

Why The Early Launch?

News of the earlier release of Super Mario Run for Android came from a Nintendo tweet. The company announced that they had decided to give the game a launch earlier than scheduled. However, it did not divulge as to why this decision had been pursued in the first place. Perhaps it might have been because of intentions to no longer make Android users wait any longer, but others speculate that this might be Nintendo’s effort to divert attention to other ventures in order to conceal certain slip ups regarding the newly-launched Nintendo Switch.

Either way, the Super Mario Run Android release is finally here. So, for you Android users, you can finally get your hands on the infamous Mario game on your mobile phone at last.

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