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Super Mario Run Android Release Date May See Earlier Launch

Super Mario Run Android
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube/Nintendo Mobile

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Super Mario Run Android Release Date May See Earlier Launch

There’s news of Super Mario Run Android version being released soon.

Gaming company Nintendo Co. Ltd. may have made the iOS version of the game available last December 15 but Super Mario Run Android version still hasn’t been confirmed. However, the developers released a new update for Android users, hinting that the release of the game could be soon.

Super Mario Run has become a popular game for iOS users. It even made it to the top mobile game applications and garnering millions of downloads. Many expected the hype to have died down by now but it’s still gaining attention and players are clamoring for an Android release soon.

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Though Nintendo said it would be scheduled for release this year, there’s still no official announcement as to what date it could be available. The developers announced that they’re delaying the release since they wanted to assure the security of the system first. The reason iOS went ahead was because the platform wasn’t prone to security breaches and was more stable.

Good News On The Horizon

There’s still some good news for Android users. You can pre-register for the app on Google Play so when Super Mario Run Android version arrives, you can be notified and you’ll be able to download it at once. This is probably to avoid getting the game unofficially. The unofficial Android application package of the game has already reached 9,000 downloads last year, compromising the security on mobile devices.

But with this recent news, Nintendo could be preparing for the game’s release soon. Fans and Android users are excited to have the classic game on their phones and join the rest of the world in playing it.

Are you excited for the release of Super Mario Run on your phone? Pre-register it now by checking out the Tweet below.

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