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Super Mario Run Cheats & Walkthrough: Best Tips & Tricks For Easier Gameplay

Super Mario Run
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Super Mario Run Cheats & Walkthrough: Best Tips & Tricks For Easier Gameplay

Just hours after its launching, Nintendo’s Super Mario shook the gamers’ worlds overnight. In 24 hours, Super Mario Run was able to earn 2,850,000 downloads on the App Store. Beating Pokemon Go in the process, Heavy immediately released best official tips and tricks for easier gameplay.

The All-New Super Mario Run Surges Up

Even during the launching day in December 15, Apptopia was already overwhelmed by the download figures’ wild upsurge for latest Super Mario game. Accordingly, the game earned 3.5 million download in the US alone during the first 14 hours. Worldwide, the download figures grand-slammed to 10 million all-in-all.

Quite obviously, the Super Mario Run Cheats have extensively excited not only its fans but also the entire game-playing population. The game itself testifies a high-end upgraded Super Mario universe.

It seems Mario will still be running super in the next few years. As far as net projections, the Super Mario Run certainly stands on a pedestal.

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For Easy Gameplay, Be Guided With The Best Cheats:

  1. Hit as many blocks as you can. Hitting two blocks at once, for instance can result to many activated blocks and probably worthy bonuses.
  2. Show Boom Boom who’s boss. Boom Boom waits for you in the corner. He proves to be a worthy opponent. So try as much as possible to give him several significant bops on the head by using Wall Reverse Jump. This cheat will help Mario jump higher and thus surely defeat Boom Boom.
  3. Study, master, review and eventually perfect Mario’s Jumps. While Super Mario’s run appears as a practical aid, his jump remains as practical life-saver. So, it would be best to take a look into his leap cheats.

Mario’s Leap Cheats:

  • Normal Leap- a regular tap to the screen
  • Mini-Leap- regularly happens on its own
  • High Leap- tap and hold on the screen
  • Flip Leap- tap the screen the moment Mario almost falls onto an edge
  • Reverse Wall Leap- touch the screen when Mario grabs onto the edge of a block
  • Spin Leap- tap the screen, hold it and tap it again when Mario’s in midair

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