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Super Mario Run Cheats & Walkthrough: How To Master Toad Rally

Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run Cheats & Walkthrough: How To Master Toad Rally

Learn the basic skills to greatly improve your performance in Toad Rally mode in this Super Mario Run guide!

There are 3 modes in the game; Story Mode, Kingdom Builder, and Toad Rally. Toad Rally is the competitive game mode that adds the most replay value in the game. While players don’t compete head to head in this mode, they have to beat the set records set by other players, which is represented by a ‘ghost’ of Toad during the game.

The following are some tips that could help in fully grasping the controls and mechanics of the game in order to master it and be on top!

Jumping is actually affected by tapping length

Just like other Mario games, his jump is affected depending upon how the jump button is pressed. Since the controls are also in touch screen, it might require a bit of practice getting used to it. Timing is the essential key, especially that Mario is constantly on the move in this game. Keep on practicing your jumping moves, even in Story Mode. Fully grasping the timing of when to jump is essential to be competitive in Toad Rally.

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Memorize Mario’s latest moves

Mario has learned some new tricks in this outing. Timing, as well as memorization, dexterity, and fast reflexes are the keys to mastering Toad Rally. Mario’s new moves depends upon some tools he could acquire, as well as the environment.

Map out and memorize the layout of the levels

While watch some videos would be of great help, it’s still the best to try the levels yourself and check out the routes that works the best for you.

The websites Touch Arcade and International Business Times had also posted some useful tips in mastering Toad Rally.

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