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Super Mario Run Gift: 10 Rally Gifts For Toad Rally Mode Now Available

Super Mario Run
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Super Mario Run Gift: 10 Rally Gifts For Toad Rally Mode Now Available

Nintendo just gave everyone a Christmas gift by the free download of its recently released game, Super Mario Run. But the presents coming from the big video games developer is not yet over. The promised free Rally Tickets to celebrate Super Mario Run‘s 50 million download milestone are now available and live.

Nintendo’s successful release

Nintendo’s release of Super Mario Run is such a huge success. The popular game with the ever iconic character was just released on December 15 and by the 23rd, it was already downloaded 50 million times.

According to a report by Gamespot, the first 40 million of the said figure was made during the first four days of its release. The biggest part of success was probably because the game was free to download. Nintendo made sure that everyone has the chance to play it. The free part, however, limits the player to a selection of levels only. If one wants to play to full game, he or she needs to purchase it for $10.

Nintendo has not disclosde any information relating to how much of the 50 million downloads eventually purchased the full game.

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Free 10 Rally Tickets available for everyone

Nintendo first announced the free Rally Tickets on December 23, as reported by iDownloadBlog. The big video games developer encourages the players to use the free tickets to enjoy the Toad Rally mode. Rally Tickets are required to play the said mode. The balance of a player’s ticket can be seen on the top left corner of the screen in the main menu.

The player is also prompted about the free Rally Tickets once the game is opened. A restart of the game is reported to be done first before the gift is successfully received.

However, if one wishes not to use them now, players also have the choice to just play the newly added Friendly Run mode. The Friendly Run mode lets the players challenge friends without the use of any tickets.

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