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Super Mario Run Guide: How To Get Free Coins

Super Mario Run
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Super Mario Run Guide: How To Get Free Coins

Nintendo is celebrating the continued success of Super Mario Run by rewarding its fans with another game. Take a look at the details below.

How To Get Free Coins

Players can get 2,222 coins for free in Super Mario Run even in the trial version. Curious as to how to get the coins? Just log in, it’s that simple. 2,000 coins will be added immediately.

Why is the game giant giving out free coins? Nintendo decided to give its fans a little fun by rewarding them with Super Mario Run free coins. The reward is extended to players who don’t play Fire Emblem Heroes. Both games are popular on mobile devices. However, a lot of players are having trouble in accessing the game due to server overrun.

Communication Issues

The Fire Emblem Heroes communication error might just be a temporary problem. The same problem happened in Pokemon Go in the past. During its popularity, a lot of people could not seem to go online without getting kicked out.

The disconnection issues and servers being congested in the Super Mario game might be due to the fact that it is centered around single-player content. Furthermore, the game’s trial version is a convenience to boot up.

On the other hand, players have to chip in $10 to access the full game and some of the online competitive modes. That amount seems high for the mobile platform. However, Nintendo managed to amplify content due to strong revenue from their latest Mario title..

The game itself is unique from other Super Mario titles. All players have to do is tap the jump button with regard to the gameplay. It has been advertised as a game that can be played with one hand.

New Mario Run Gameplay

The new Mario Run is an auto-runner platform game. Players can control Mario where he automatically runs from left to right. He can jump from small gaps or obstacles.

Meanwhile, there are other game modes that players can choose from. In addition, they can choose from the core game, Mushroom Kingdom, and Toad Rally. Even more, Nintendo introduced another mode called the Friendly Run. This is a version of the Toad Rally that does not require players to acquire tickets.

Nintendo had been on the fence following the release of another title intended for the mobile gaming market. The game giant is dedicated to protecting its characters. This is the reason why the iconic characters in Nintendo games are only featured in game consoles. Following the success of the Mario Run game, Nintendo may introduce more of its well-loved titles in mobile.

The free coin giveaway is in celebration of Fire Emblem Heroes’ launch, which will urge players to download Super Mario Run. It is now available on iOS and Android. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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