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Super Mario Run Guide & Walkthrough: How To Get ALL Coins In World 1

Super Mario Run Guide

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Super Mario Run Guide & Walkthrough: How To Get ALL Coins In World 1

Learn how to grab all coins in World 1 in this detailed Super Mario Run Guide.

Super Mario Run is kind of short by most gaming length standards, as it could actually be finished in one sitting. But the real fun factor in the game also lies in its replay value. While some would find enjoyment regularly playing the game in Toad Rally, those who don’t have a competitive attitude are best sticking to replaying the story mode.

Just like any other game with a story mode, playing the main mode just once isn’t enough. This is especially true for completionists who want to complete every item and achievement in a game.

Super Mario Run has only 6 worlds to date, with each world having 4 levels each. This Super Mario Run Guide would give pointers on how to collect all the pink coins in World 1.

World 1-1:

  1. The first one could be found early on as soon as the arrow pointing upwards appears. This is the one with the coins and cliff, just follow coins up to the cliff then jump around the edge.
  2. Expect an upcoming pause block and make sure to activate it. A pink coin could be seen on top of a bunch of blocks. This could be reached by timing the jump while heading down the cliff to gain momentum in grabbing the blocks.
  3. Be prepared at the sight of two blocks with dotted lines that is pointing up and forward. Choose the upward direction, a pink coin could be seen after two-three platforms.
  4. Run into a block with an arrow pointing above after passing three consecutive pipes. Head right to find another pink coin placed on a platform above, right before encountering a pause block.
  5. Near the end of the level, run towards a long platform, avoiding Goombas along the way. Jump on the last Goomba to be able to reach the pink coin.

World 1-2:

  1. Early on, keep heading up. Wall jump to climb to an area and a pink coin could be seen near a Piranha Plant. Make sure the Piranha Plant is hiding by timing the wall jump and the coin is up for grabs.
  2. Follow a group of coins upwards arranged in a zigzag manner by wall jumping again. Ignore the first two ledges, and keep going to the very top to find a pink coin in the middle of gold coins.
  3. From a pipe with a cliff heading downwards after, prepare to launch then grab onto the upper platform. Keep heading right for the coin.
  4. Same as 3, but this time it’s located above a pipe.
  5. This one is in plain sight, the question is how to grab it between Piranha Plants. Wall jumping and proper timing is the way to grab it.

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World 1-3:

  1. Early on, stick on top of the screen. Once the pink coin has been spotted, which is right in the middle of a group of gold coins, launch over the two arrow blocks.
  2. Stay alert for the first grass-covered platform. Head to the yellow, then green, then red platform afterwards. Follow the coins and bounce on the incoming Koopa to grab the pink coin.
  3. Be on the look out for another grass-covered platform. Be prepared for the incoming coin and grab it by bouncing off a Koopa.
  4. The landmark this time would be the groups of coins in one block. Grab the pink coin in the middle by staying on the bottom half of the screen and use the incoming Koopa to bounce.
  5. The final coin for the level won’t be missed at first sight, but be prepared for the incoming arrow blocks and make sure to avoid them.

World 1-4:

  1. Use the incoming left arrow block then jump on the red mushroom. Continue upwards up to the ceiling then drop down to the pink coin.
  2. After 1, stay at the bottom and continue straight before the fiery pits. Evade the fiery pits by heading above and continue then drop down once the pink coin has been spotted.
  3. Use the incoming pause block then head on top. Head above then grab onto the arrow blocks to reach the ceiling. Drop down once the pink coin has been spotted.
  4. Just like in 1, use the reverse blocks again. Head for the blocks leading to the ceiling and fall into the fourth pink coin.
  5. After an arrow block pointing above and right, wall jump and grab onto a platform and continue upwards to the ceiling. Keep moving forward then drop down for the final pink coin in world 1. Congratulations!

The locations of the Pink Coins and the procedures on how to get them have also been posted in the Super Mario Run Guide in Heavy. The total number of worlds for Super Mario Run could be confirmed in Ranked Boost.

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