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Super Mario Run Release Date & News: Nintendo Switch & Xbox One Release Possible

Super Mario Run
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Super Mario Run Release Date & News: Nintendo Switch & Xbox One Release Possible

The upcoming Super Mario Run is going to be released this December for iOS devices, and possibly on other platforms as well. Mark your calendars, as this Super Mario latest game is set to launch this 15th of December for $9.99.

The game could be considered the love child of Super Mario and Temple Run. Ever since the initial success of Temple Run, various auto-runner platformer games had spawned afterwards. To compete in the auto-runner platformer genre, some had even incorporated established, popular characters such as Mario and Sonic.

However, the original forerunner of the genre and perhaps what could be considered the very first US auto-runner platformer game is an obscure NES game, The 3D Battles of WorldRunner or Tobidase Daisakusen in Japan.

While there are still no official announcements, what other platforms could Super Mario Run also be available in?

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Nintendo Switch:

While it wasn’t announced yet, Nintendo has filed a patent already. This is an obvious sign of things to come.


If there is an iOS release, expect an Android version to follow. Nintendo had also confirmed there is going to be an Android release. However, there is still no announced launching date yet. According to Shigeru Miyamoto himself as reported in the Game N Guide website, the reason for choosing to go with the iOS first is because of the platform’s stability, as well as acquiring a level of response the developers needed. It wasn’t stated, but iOS is also more popular in Japan as opposed to Android.

Xbox One:

As reported in News Every Day, Phil Spencer from Microsoft had expressed interest in Super Mario Run, and is aiming to create a deal with Nintendo.

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