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Super Mario Run Toad Rally Guide: How To Get More Tickets

Super Mario Run Toad Rally
Image source: Screen grab @MASTER GAMING Youtube account

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Super Mario Run Toad Rally Guide: How To Get More Tickets

Super Mario Run was just recently released for iOS devices. Super Mario Run Toad Rally is another mode found in the game where you race against other players in levels while collecting coins and performing movements so as to earn toad fans.

After playing the whole World Tour of the game, Super Mario Run Toad Rally is one reason to return to the game. The number of tickets can be seen at the top left corner of the screen of the phone from the main menu. Playing Toad Rally costs tickets which is why we are giving you this guide to earn more.

Heavy has provided various ways in earning Toad Rally tickets in Super Mario Run Toad Rally:

Play World Tour & Clear Worlds

Successfully finish every World and get Toad Rally tickets. Each World has four levels, meaning that these four levels have to be cleared first before earning a good number of tickets. But, the downside to this is that you may only get the tickets the first time you finish a World. But you may opt for other ways in gaining these Toad Rally tickets.

Get a double digit of Rally Tickets by doing this and defeating the boss at every World, says Gamezebo.

Collect All Five Pink Coins on Each Stage

Collect all five pink coins in every stage. They are found in places that are hard to reach or in places that need a complicated jump to access. Check out how many are already collected by clicking on a level. Five pink circles will appear and are filled in if the coins have been collected. Otherwise, they will be with a dotted outline.

For some extras, finish a level with all five pink coins to be given a random reward. The reward could also be more Toad Rally tickets!
Super Mario Run Toad Rally

Image source: Screen grab @MASTER GAMING Youtube account

Get the ‘?’ Block

In Super Mario Run, players can buy items from the shop. Items bought can be placed in the home screen in the Kingdom Builder mode. This is like decorating the kingdom. But buying items may also help collect items. This may even help in unlocking characters.

Now, buy two specific “?” blocks found under the “special” tab: one long and one mega. The long block costs 100 blue Toads, 50 purple Toads and 50 yellow Toads. The mega block costs 150 purple Toads and 150 yellow Toads. Now place these blocks on the home screen. Press it and get some more random items which include the tickets. After a few hours, press the block again to get some random items.

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Play Bonus Games

Buying items can unlock bonus games. Under the “special” tab in the store, there are two Toad houses. The other one has a blue star and another has a yellow star. Buy these and place them on your home screen in the Kingdom Builder mode. These allow you to play special bonus games. Beat these games to get rally tickets.

Gamezebo says that the bonus games can be played every eight hours. This involves the branching paths which will lead to one of four treasure chests. Two of them have a Rally Ticket inside.

Play the bonus games once every few hours because the tickets can only be reacquired after it has reset.

Link Nintendo Online Account

Link your Nintendo account to Super Mario Run to get some Toad Rally tickets. Make an account here. After creating one, follow these steps to link the account to the game:

  • In the main menu, tap the bubble in the top right corner of the screen.
  • When the Safari webpage is up, hit “Link to Nintendo Account.”
  • Log in and press “use this account.”
  • When a screen saying “User data retrieved from the linked Nintendo Account” appears, hit “OK.”

Buy the Full Game

Upgrade to the paid version to get more tickets (20 Toad Rally tickets) and to experience Super Mario Run in full!

Complete Missions & Buy More Tickets With Nintendo Points

Nintendo Points can be exchanged for rally tickets. Link your Nintendo online account to the game first. Click on the “My Nintendo” bubble in the top right of the screen. Buy five rally tickets for 150 points. Buy 10 tickets for 250 points.

To get more, complete the missions and collect a certain number of points. To see these missions, hit the “missions” tab over on the My Nintendo page. Get 10 points by playing a game of Toad Rally every day. Earn 100 points automatically if you link the online account to the game. Get 50 points by finishing a World.

Just a quick tip, do not spend your Toad Rally tickets in just one seating. Moreover, these tickets easily disappear because each Toad Rally competition costs one ticket.

Super Mario Run will soon be available next year for android.

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