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Super Mario Run Update Adds New Easy Mode – Here’s How It Works

Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run Update Adds New Easy Mode – Here’s How It Works

Super Mario Run now gets a special easy mode as an update. This update has been in the works for quite some time now. It is now available for the iOS version, which will also receive some bug fixes.

The new Super Mario Run version will now enable players to check out game levels with ease. The easy mode enables this without fears of death or time restrictions. Nintendo has already labeled this an entirely “pressure-free” milieu for players.

This should certainly make Super Mario Run owners really happy. Polygon reports that this $9.99 game will witness an upsurge in interest due to this feature. There is a much needed fix provided for the Toad Rally polarizing mode as well.

What Else Can Be Expected?

This is as close to a multiplayer mode as it gets! Whenever players lose matches, they stand to lose many Toad collectibles. However, the number of collectibles has gone down for the new version of the game.

There are Toads in diverse and unique colors. These are used for unlocking items as part of the Mushroom Kingdom Builder feature. As a result, players strive to hold onto the same for longer periods of time.

The latest financial reports from Nintendo directly reveal the presence of this easy mode update. The company also reveals that millions of players worldwide have downloaded the game. A whopping 78 million players have opted for the free trial.

Approximately 5% of this number proceeded to pay for the full version. However, it still makes for a handsome amount by all means. BGR reports that Super Mario Run has enjoyed decent success and has been good for Nintendo’s foray into the mobile space.

However, the absence of better content is one issue that rankled players. Yet, Nintendo’s substantial and latest update promises to change things for the better. The updated version is available in the App Store.

The version is now called 1.1.0 for iOS devices. The Easy mode, as mentioned, removes the timer from all World Tour levels. This enables unlimited lives or bubbles for players. They can now easily complete levels.

More Features & Compatibility Tweaks

Players also get a higher number of Toads when they win. They lose a lesser number of Toads while losing. This is a welcome development for those looking to build up an enviable Mushroom Kingdom.

Furthermore, there is now better compatibility with Koreans and new events. It will also be easier to accumulate Toads. There are other issues that have also been taken care of.

There are also no limits on downloading the My Nintendo Reward Toad. Earlier, it could not be received more than once if save data was deleted. The game comes to Android in March, 2017.

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