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Super Mario Run Update: How Golden Goomba Event Works

Super Mario Run
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Super Mario Run Update: How Golden Goomba Event Works

Super Mario Run isn’t getting any downloadable content as announced by Nintendo. But it is releasing a new feature and an event to keep fans interested in the game.

Nintendo recently announced that there’s going to be a Golden Goomba event for Super Mario Run. As seen in the latest update for the game, the Golden Goomba event will be available starting February 1 to February 20.

This could be the biggest event Super Mario Run has ever hosted. This will send players on a hunt for Golden Goombas. Locating and squashing these Goombas will earn you a prize so load up the game and join in on the fun now.

What Is The Golden Goomba Event?

Starting February 1, you’ll see Golden Goombas in different stages of the game. According to reports, chances of them appearing could be in higher levels.

In the stage select screen, you’ll already know which stage will have the Golden Goombas. This makes it easier to know where to find them. Defeating a Golden Goomba can get you a bonus coin and a stamp on your special stamp card.

There will be 30 coins each Goomba. Once you are able to collect 30 stamps, a Golden Goomba statue for Kingdom Builder mode will be rewarded to you. In addition, when you collect three more, you’ll be given a giant Golden Goomba statue.

Remember to keep an eye out for those Goombas. They won’t appear in the same place you last saw them when you restart the stage.

If you’re very much interested in the Kingdom Builder mode, be sure to join in on the Golden Goomba event. You have until the 20th to complete this mission.

New Feature

Another feature on the game is the easy mode. Easy mode lets players play levels with no time limits. Furthermore, infinite bubbles are given to you, which means you’ll have unlimited lives.

Coins that you earn won’t be kept though. So to make it count, you might want to move to another difficulty setting.

Other features included in the new update are:

  • Compatibility with Korean
  • Easier to gather Toads in Toad Rally, though this will also make you lose fewer Toads
  • No limit on how many times a Toad can be downloaded
  • Other issues Nintendo has managed to fix

At the moment, the game is playable on iOS. The game will be available on Android come March.

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