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Super Nintendo World Theme Park: Full List Of Attractions & What To Expect

Super Nintendo World


Super Nintendo World Theme Park: Full List Of Attractions & What To Expect

The recently unveiled Super Nintendo World has finally announced its estimated opening date, and also hinted some expected attractions in the upcoming theme park.

The project started out around May in this year when Nintendo and Universal Studios had sealed a deal. The project would be beneficial for both parties.

This is the first time Nintendo would ever venture into the theme park business, especially since they are also going to open branches overseas. So it is a must to have an overseas business partner who is already established in the industry.

In the case of Universal Studios, they had to keep up with rival Disneyland when it comes to licensed themed attractions. Disney, owner of Disneyland, had acquired both Star Wars and Marvel a few years ago. With a Star Wars themed park reportedly under construction, a Marvel themed park would most likely follow.

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Super Nintendo World Attractions

While no full list of attractions was even announced yet, the Super Mario Brothers has been confirmed with their most recent announcement. Nintendo has shown an image rendition of the anticipated theme park for the first time.

The image shows Mario and Luigi, and in the background Bowser’s Castle, a Toad House, and the trademark rectangular mountain platforms found throughout the games.

Nintendo Theme Park Opening Date

Nintendo itself has confirmed that the first branch to open is the Osaka branch in Japan in the year 2020. This is done so because the Olympics would be held in Japan in the same year. The opening year was also confirmed in Game Spot and The Next Web sites. So far no announcement has been made concerning the Super Nintendo World US branches.

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