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Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament To Allow Controversial SmashBox Controller

Super Smash Brothers Melee


Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament To Allow Controversial SmashBox Controller

The ‘SmashBox’ would now be allowed in the Genesis 4 Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament.

What is the ‘SmashBox’?

The ‘SmashBox’ is a game controller made by Dustin Huffer specifically for Super Smash Brothers games. The ‘SmashBox’ controller is arranged similar to a typical joystick controller. What makes the controller different from the average controller is the lack of a joystick, analog stick, or any similar motion controller. Instead, the controller consists of nothing but buttons, somewhat similar to a keyboard.

The replacement of the typical motion controls with buttons supposedly allows for more precision. Providing the player a possible edge. The downside is having to get accustomed with a new type of controller, the first of its kind, in order to play efficiently again. The ‘SmashBox’ controller is also not even widely available yet.

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Genesis 4 would now allow the ‘SmashBox’ in an upcoming  Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament

Genesis 4 would already allow the so-called controversial ‘SmashBox’ controller in their upcoming tournament set to take place at January next year. This is just based on reports, assuming sources could be really be relied upon. According to the report, an organizer for Genesis 4 e-mailed them that the ‘SmashBox’ controller would now be allowed in the upcoming tournament.

The Genesis 4 tournament organizers before had seriously considered banning the he ‘SmashBox‘ controller before. Dustin Huffer, the creator of the controller, has expressed his disappoint in the decision to ban the controller. The ban might end up having serious implications in the business and funding of the barely released controller. Another factor is the fact that players are allowed to use their own specialized controllers anyway.

The controller wasn’t even proven to be game breaking yet, as player luck and skill still have to be factored in also. It is also barely released, meaning only a select few would really be able to use it. The controller should only be considered to be banned if it provides players a noticeable game breaking advantage. The tournament could serve as a testing ground for the specialized controller.

The Super Smash Brothers Melee has always been typically divisive, with rabid tourney fans wanting to ban everything they consider as an advantage in the game.

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