Sword Art Online Memory Defrag is free to play. As discussed in Kotaku, it features great gameplay. Players can collect and upgrade characters as they progress through the story. This licensed character collecting also lets players gather or buy crystals, chi points, or other available items to be able to add their favorite characters in the likes of Transformers and Naruto. The characters are then used in cards or puzzles, or turn-based competition. As players battle, they get items that will help them become stronger. This upgrade will help them face the next challenges ahead.

Sword Art Online Memory Defrag also has a multiplayer hub. This is where the main characters in the game interact with others with co-op questing. This will also help characters become stronger by collecting certain items necessary for next battles and adventures.

Moreover, what distinguishes this mobile game from other mobile games of the same theme is how the actual adventure happens. The game is an action role-playing game. Thus, a player must control the character by making it dodge, block, parry, attack and activate special abilities during battles by just tapping and swiping on the device.

Sword Art Online Memory DefragPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Leafa, one of the characters in Sword Art Online, in a battle.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/876TV account

The player will be able to create a team of three characters. Characters may only be controlled one at a time. Tapping on the device on another portrait of a character will make that character perform a special move. This is called switching. It adds strategy in the gameplay by deciding who a player should use in weak or strong battles and in determining the perfect or compatible weapon types.

Character Collection

In collecting characters, players use currency through in-game adventures or by buying it so that they may recruit other players from the game. Recruiting one character costs 25 memory diamonds. Purchasing a random weapon that may be upgraded costs 15 memory diamonds. The completion of a story mission gives a player 5 memory diamonds.

Players can collect characters randomly via special events. These events occur on a regular basis, thus giving the player a bigger chance in getting specific characters. Players can also play as Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, Lisbeth, Silica, and other popular characters from the series, according to reports.

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