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Syberia 3 Release Date Revealed: What To Expect In April 2017

Syberia 3
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Microids account

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Syberia 3 Release Date Revealed: What To Expect In April 2017

Syberia 3 is a point-and-click adventure game being developed by Microids. The company will release the game on April 25 this year in North America while it will be out in Europe on April 20. The available platforms for the game are PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game will also be localized in 11 different languages, which is great for players who have different dialects living across the globe.


It was in 2002 when Syberia was first released under Benoit Sokal’s direction. Sokal is a Belgian comic artist and game designer. He was responsible for the game’s stellar story and decent graphics at the time. In 2004, a sequel was created, called Syberia 2. It had an excellent storyline but it was quite lacking because the game’s ending was cut rather abruptly. Now, Syberia 3 is up next.

Syberia 3 was originally announced way back in 2009 and was confirmed in 2012, however last year’s apparent release was also delayed. After confirming a December 1, 2016 release date by Microids Vice President Elliot Grassiano, it was reported that the game will not be released until the first quarter of 2017 because the development company is trying to “meet fan expectations.” Koalabs Studio, 3DDUO, and Kylotonn also helped in the development of the game.

The game is already four years in the making! But the time has come. More than ten years later, players will finally get a glimpse of Kate Walker again and her story which had been suddenly cut and left hanging.


Syberia 3 revolves around the story of American lawyer Kate Walker and her adventures and travels in Europe and Russia. In the previous game, Kate had found herself on a makeshift boat on her search for the mythical Russian island of Syberia. She found herself being rescued by a group of nomadic ostrich-owning people called Youkol. Seeing as Kate and the Youkols have the same enemies, she later decides to continue with helping them accomplish their strange ancestor’s tradition. This happens as they join their snow ostriches on a migration.

Syberia 3Pia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

The Youkol tribe saves Kate Walker from her death.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Microids account

The game will be in full 3D for the first time. Inon Zur will create the soundtrack for the game. Zur is renowned for composing award-winning music for video games, including Men of Valor.

Here’s hoping the game will truly be released come April 2017. Get ready to “discover an unexpected adventure” with the game as described by the game’s trailer.

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