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TapWars Earth Defense Force 4.1 Spinoff To Be Released For iOS & Android

TapWars Earth Defense Force 4.1
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Giant Bomb account

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TapWars Earth Defense Force 4.1 Spinoff To Be Released For iOS & Android

TapWars Earth Defense Force 4.1 now has a smartphone spinoff game.

Earth Defense Force is a series of third-person shooter video games which was published by the Japanese company D3 Publisher. The company has released the game on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC platforms. The company has now added another and has released it on smartphones. The game is a spinoff of the main series. The spinoff is now called TapWars Earth Defense Force 4.1. This spinoff for smartphones was made by Esquadra for iOS phones and Android phones.

Story of the Game

In 2013, scientists have picked up radio waves from deep space. This proves the existence of alien life. The Earth Defense Force was created as a safety measure in case the aliens prove to be hostile and dangerous, and so the aliens were. The Earth Defense Force is a unified multinational military sponsored by almost every country on Earth. The player takes on the role of an Earth Defense Force soldier during an alien invasion.

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TapWars Earth Defense Force 4.1

Screen grab from at Google Play

Rules of TapWars Earth Defense Force 4.1

Since the game is played in a new platform, there is a new way to play it: by tapping.

The game is easy to play and can be understood simply. The advancing enemies must be defeated. On the other hand, the military troops must be strengthened.

To play this game, players must lead the troops of the Earth Defense Force. The goal of the game is to repel the unknown enemy called Ravagers. Players must attack the enemy by tapping with all their might.

Other Earth Defense Force News

D3 Publisher also recently revealed last September at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference that Earth Defense Force 5 will be released on PlayStation 4 in 2017 in Japan. However, the release date in America was not announced.

New enemies will rise; there will be giant ants and frogs that walk on its hind legs and carry weapons as expected and shown in the trailer of the game.

TapWars Earth Defense Force 4.1 is for free but it has in-app purchases. Get the game here.

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