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Taylor Kinney Girlfriend: Facts & Pics Of Alanna DiGiovanni

Taylor Kinney Girlfriend


Taylor Kinney Girlfriend: Facts & Pics Of Alanna DiGiovanni

Taylor Kinney girlfriend rumors have been spreading thick and fast lately. Taylor Kinney was earlier dating Lady Gaga but is now allegedly with a new girl named Alanna DiGiovanni. DiGiovanni is a 26 year old radiologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Taylor Kinney girlfriend rumors were sparked after the two were spotted at the Taylor Swift concert in Austin. They were also spotted at a Formula 1 race while DiGiovanni has reportedly visited Kinney in Chicago as well.

More on this new relationship

Heavy reports that the Taylor Kinney girlfriend rumors are not unfounded. Alanna DiGiovanni earlier worked as a bottle-service waitress in Atlantic City. She belongs to South Philadelphia and got her AAS degree at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Hollywood Take reports that Kinney and DiGiovanni also went on a trip together to Texas. She also visited Kinney’s Chicago Fire set. As per sources, DiGiovanni is “head over heels” for Kinney.

Will Lady Gaga-Kinney Survive? 

Additionally, Kinney has already told her that he will visit her in Philadelphia, though nothing has been confirmed yet. Fans are now wondering whether this new relationship means quits for the Kinney Lady Gaga relationship. Kinney first met Lady Gaga on the sets of You and I and the couple first broke up in 2012.

Alanna DiGiovanni

Hollywood Take

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However, they got back together soon after and the engagement was announced by Gaga in February 2015. Gaga also hinted at their separation stating that “women love hard”. Gaga talked of how sometimes “that love” does not meet with “the type of dignity that we wish”.

However, there are sources who state that Taylor Kinney may not be dating Alanna DiGiovanni after all. He may even get back with Lady Gaga. Gaga had earlier hinted that she and Kinney were “soul mates”.

She also talked of how the couple was trying to adjust to long-distances and schedules. She also talked of how they “really love each other” and were “just like everybody else”.

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