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Tech 2017 Predictions: The Gadgets That May Dominate Next Year

Tech 2017
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Current account


Tech 2017 Predictions: The Gadgets That May Dominate Next Year

2016 has been a good year for growing technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) assistants have taken control over our home living, our businesses, and our basic smartphones. Virtual reality (VR) has also started to be prominent in the gaming world.

With these new innovations in technology, we would surely be seeing more advanced and fresh technology next year, with ones that would surely make a difference in our lives for the years to come. Tech fans and people in general must get ready to experience more of the following new tech 2017 advents that will dominate our lives.

Artificial Intelligence

For tech 2017, AI will get bigger, more affordable, more capable and easier to use. In a recent survey of corporate executives, the majority of the respondents said that AI-powered software like the Apple Siri and the Amazon Echo is the most used type of AI assistants in the workplace as cited in University Herald. The main reason is that the accuracy of these voice assistants can’t be performed by a human.

In business, according to the latest research from Gartner, AI will write approximately 20% of business content  like reports, articles and legal documents in just two years.

AI will also bound to replace customer support representatives. AI assistants will power around 85% of customer service interactions by 2020, also according to Gartner.

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Self-driving Cars

According to McKinsey&Company, self-driving cars will reduce accidents and save 300,000 lives in a period of 10 years. This 2017 tech prediction is more likely to happen now that Uber has launched its self-driving cars just this October. Juniper Research expects that self-driving cars will reach a thousand in number over the next years. They believe that they will reach 14.5 million by 2025.

Tech 2017

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/The Verge account

Different realities

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive brought in VR tech while Pokemon Go presented the new concept of mixed and augmented reality (AR) this year. In 2017, we might see more and will see the first wave of AR hardware much like the VR headsets. HoloLens maker Microsoft Corp. is now planning to create such. Apple may also engage in AR next year. AR and VR headset shipments are expected grow 108.3% from 2015 to 2020. This means that this tech may reach 76 million units by 2020, according to IDC.


A major reconfiguration will be made despite the slow adaptation of wearables such as the Apple watch and Fitbit this year. The wearables will be made more invasive and more capable of data analysis. The CES 2017 will focus on medical-device wearables 2017, thus so will the technology in general. Juniper Research expects shipments to reach 420 million by 2020 which is four times more than 2015.

By 2020, companies will develop products that integrate the human body with technology calling it “augmented humanity”, according to recent tech 2017 predictions published by IDC.  This will go mainstream by 2020s.

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