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Tekken 7 Characters: Eddy Gordo Added To Lineup

Tekken 7
Photo screen grabbed from Bandai Namco Entertainment America YouTube Channel.

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Tekken 7 Characters: Eddy Gordo Added To Lineup

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that they will be adding the legendary Capoeira fighter Eddy Gordo in Tekken 7. Bandai has uploaded a special reveal trailer just for Eddy on its official YouTube channel where they showcased some of his dance moves.

In the Tekken universe, Eddy has issues with Mishima Zaibatsu, a giant multinational conglomerate in the game. He asked Jin Kazama for help to aid his ill master but Mishima’s technology did not save his master’s life.

When Eddy’s master died because of Mishima’s failure, he decided to take revenge on the entire family. It would mean that he has to go against Kazuya Mishima, the previous owner of Mishima.

According to the Tekken Wiki, Kazuya became one of the first protagonists of Tekken who eventually became a villain. He is the known son of Heihachi Mishima and Kazumi Mishima and is also the father of Jin Kazama.

It means that he not only has to go against Kazuya but also against his other families as well. This also includes his half brother Lars Alexanderson, who is also the adoptive brother of Lee Chaolan and the grandson of Jinpachi Mishima.

Tekken 7: Eddy’s Fighting Style

According to Gaming Bolt, Eddy has a similar fighting style with Christie Monteiro in Tekken 6: Dark Ressurection. Given that both of them know the same Legendary Capoeira Master, the two have good ties with each other.

Eddy learned to fight with Capoeira during his time in prison after his master taught him the art. He swore to his master that he would pass the art of Capoeira to his granddaughter, Christie.

In Tekken’s history, Eddy participated in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament after they released him from prison. He then sought out for Christie and taught her the art of Capoeira.

Tekken 7: Christie’s Training

Eddy trained Christie for two years before she completely mastered the art, thus eventually fulfilling his master’s wish. He had to leave Christie since he wants those responsible for his master’s death to pay.

Christie became troubled because of Eddy’s sudden and mysterious disappearance so she decided to look for him. She then decides to join the next King of the Iron Fist Tournament thinking that Eddy would also participate.

Both Eddy and Christie share the same ending in Tekken 6 since both of them have lost the same person that they loved. It shows both of them crying at the grave of the Legendary Capoeira Master.

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