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Tekken 7 Characters: Eliza Added As Pre-Order DLC

Tekken 7
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Tekken 7 Characters: Eliza Added As Pre-Order DLC

Tekken 7 fans will have another reason to get ahead in the game. It seems pre-ordering the game will get them freebies for their effort. This is no ordinary freebie either, as purchasing a pre-order will get them a new character for themselves.

Fighting games such as Injustice 2 are already spicing up the fighting video game scene with its superhero-supervillain brawl. However, it seems Tekken 7 is back with a grittier and darker story. This is why people were excited to see it on consoles and the PC despite its 2016 release in arcades in Japan.

Tekken 7 will have a Spring release on June 2 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation. However, pre-order buyers will have an extra character up their sleeve. Immortal vampire Eliza will be arriving for pre-orders as a bonus downloadable content (DLC).

Tekken 7: Most-wanted character

Players who purchase the Day One pre-order edition of the game will get a brand new character. She is Eliza, originally introduced via the free-to-play spinoff Tekken Revolution. According to Game Rant, fan support has made her the number one most-wanted character in the upcoming game.

Eliza appears to have quick and unique moves such as dive kicks, teleportations and projectile attacks. Her moves even appear to be waves of energy that travel across the ground. This is vaguely similar to Street Fighter and its meter moves. This seems fair given Eliza is the only character aside from Akuma to have access to EZ super moves.

As seen in the trailer, the character does appear to have sleeping issues as she appears to fall asleep in mid-battle. Sadly, not much is revealed about this ability yet. However, it does aid her in dodging attacks. Bandai Namco has not declared whether this is a special move or a random mechanic.

Other features

Aside from Eliza, players will also get special features for purchasing the game’s console editions as well. PlayStation 4 players will unlock a special Jukebox mode and legacy costumes. Meanwhile, Xbox One pre-orders will get special Tekken 6 skins.

Players can also buy a Season Pass that has a ton of new stages, costumes and upcoming characters as well. Bandai Namco teased a new game mode that will be arriving with the game soon. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the clip of Eliza below for her DLC trailer.

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