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Tekken 7 PS4 To Require 42GB Of Space

Tekken 7
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Tekken 7 PS4 To Require 42GB Of Space

Tekken 7 is reportedly going to occupy a whopping 42 GB of space on the PlayStation 4. A new listing for the game’s PS4 version has revealed this fact. This listing applies for the United States PlayStation Store.

The minimum space requirement varies a little for the European region as per reports. However, the Tekken 7 storage space may go up to 45 GB in this case. This is necessitated by localization as per industry experts.

Tekken 7 can be pre-ordered online and you will then get a special theme along with the confirmed Eliza character. The official description of the game offers insights into the storyline.

What Else Should You Know 

PlayStation Lifestyle reports that there will be a mega battle on the cards for players. The franchise is now powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and will have a 3D battle system as well. There is similar gameplay to the previous version along with more realistic graphics and visuals.

There will be several other exciting mechanisms and features. The arcade-based legacy of the game has been kept alive in this version. The PC and console versions will resemble the arcade update for Fated Retribution.

PVP Live reports that Bandai Namco has confirmed multiple characters at the launch. The roster should include top picks like Nina Williams, Panda and Kuma. Miguel Caballero may also be present as per reports.

There will be a story mode while the game will also have legacy costumes. In the Jukebox mode, players will be able to savor classic music tracks of their choice. They will also be able to create their own playlists likewise.

How do other fighting games match up?

Other fighting-based games require minimal space in comparison to this. For example, Mortal Kombat X needs 31.2 GB while King of Fighters XV needs just 14.9 GB. Street Fighter V also needs just 12.4 GB of space as per reports.

File size-based requirements may even surpass the 42 GB amount over a period of time. This is because you have to account for the DLC, upcoming updates and patches and other content. This is something that is surprising a lot of enthusiasts.

Series producer Katsuhiro Harada confirms that the game will include tons of original content. This is the reason behind the rescheduling of the release date to June according to him. The company wishes to get things working absolutely 100% at the launch. The game releases on the 2nd of June, 2017 and comes alongside PlayStation VR Content as well.

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