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The Best Video Game Couples & Their Love Stories

Best Video Game Couples
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The Best Video Game Couples & Their Love Stories

Love is in the air, even in video games! Romance has never been the focal point in many titles out today. Most video games focus on action, adventure, and suspense, trying to get a bigger chunk of the market. However, every once in a while, there comes a video game that turns the focus to love. Here are five of the best video game couples that can help players feel the love this Valentine’s.

Mario And Princess Peach In All Mario Games

Any best video game couples list will not be complete without Mario and Princess Peach. Ever since Super Mario Bros. graced the consoles in 1985, the Italian plumber has been protecting Princess Peach from the insane number of attacks by arch-villain Bowser. Bowser is a fire-breathing mega turtle poised to come between them. The relationship between the two has been a key part of nearly all the Mario games.

Fans can say that Mario is the ideal man. His continued devotion is unbelievable, especially since he knows that Peach is destined to be a victim of kidnapping for the rest of her life. That’s love.

Link And Zelda In The Legend Of Zelda

If there are any of the best video game couples that could snag the crown from Mario and Princess Peach, it would be Link and Princess Zelda. They are the ultimate couple in the Legend of Zelda series. For more than two decades, Link has been bravely struggling to save the damsel from the desert brigand Ganon.

There have been a lot of developments in the franchise in terms of character design and storylines. Zelda is not excluded from this, as she has previously shown up under aliases and alter egos. Even with all these changes, Link and Zelda’s chemistry and love remained constant in the game.

 Noctis And Lunafreya Of Final Fantasy 15

Apart from all the action and cutting edge graphics in Final Fantasy 15, the game also features a love story. The love between the main protagonist Noctis, and his fiancee Lunafreya, shows that the two make up one the best love stories seen so far.

In the game’s ending scene, Noctis and Lunafreya appear to be married to each other in a dream-like sequence. As Lunafreya puts her head down to sleep on Noctis’s arm, it transitioned to the true logo for the game.

Genji And Mercy Of Overwatch

Players of Overwatch are speculating that characters Genji and Mercy are dating. Mined voice lines suggest this love angle in the game. A Reddit user named akhanubis revealed three lines by Swiss healer Mercy, cyborg ninja Genji, and his brother Hanzo.

Genji asked Hanzo if he packed any chocolates. Mercy later interjects, saying that she got some Swiss chocolates for Genji. Her suggested love interest had referred to her as Angela, Mercy’s real name. No one in the franchise ever calls her that except for Genji, though.

Genji gives the chocolates he brought to Mercy. Although the chocolates were not Swiss, Mercy’s voice suggests that she is grateful for the gesture. Players mentioned that the two seem more affectionate to each other in the game. Furthermore, this is good news for the players who have long been waiting for this to happen. So far, this is the only found proof that the two might date in the future.

comic released in December illustrates Genji and Mercy writing love letters to each other. This may strengthen the angle that the two characters are indeed dating in the game.

Commander Shepard And A Number Of Love Interests In Mass Effect

The last character in this list is quite different from all of the duos listed above. First, Commander Shepard has the option to pursue romantic involvement with a human squad member. Furthermore, the character can be either a male or a female. Male Shepard can be with Ashley Williams, a gunnery chief in the 2nd frontier Division. Meanwhile, female Shepard can choose to be with Kaidan Alenko, a Systems Alliance Marine.

Even more, Shepard can choose a xenophilic romance for either gender. This usually starts with asari squad member Liara T’Soni. Furthermore, regardless of gender, the commander can choose to have a sexual encounter with Sha’ira, an asari consort. It all depends on the option the player chooses in the Mass Effect franchise.

Any best video game couples that are not included in the list? Comment below. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.


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