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The Dishonored 2 Update Finally Allows Mission Replay

Dishonored 2
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The Dishonored 2 Update Finally Allows Mission Replay

The upcoming date for Bethesda hit Dishonored 2 finally gives us something we’ve been waiting for. Are you ready to replay missions? It appears Bethesda is, so gear up for this second update.

The second free update for the game will be arriving this month. Along with it are two features that fans have been asking for. It appears fans will not only be able to choose custom difficulty settings, they can also replay missions as well.

All of this will arrive in the January 23 update of Dishonored 2. However, there appears to be more in the history of the updates. Here is a brief explanation of the features.

Dishonored 2: New Update, New Features

According to a Bethesda Softworks blog post, the new custom difficulty options will have more than 20 different sliders to tinker with. This alters the effectiveness of stealth methods like leaning from walls and knocking out foes with sleep darts. This gives players a bit of more challenge in the game.

Not only that, but an Iron Mode slider will prevent players from manually saving or loading in a new game. There’s also a permadeath option in this ultra-difficult setting. This makes Dishonored 2 thrice as fun and thrice as fun.

Perhaps the most interesting option is the Mission Select menu. This allows players to play different missions using different settings. Regardless of how big the second update is, this follows-up on the promise of  Arkane Studios co-creative director Harvey Smith that more options will be in the game.

Living Up to the Predecessor

In fact, Bethesda initially planned to already include the custom difficulty setting way back in the first update. This came out in December. However, the option to let this come out in the January update may have allowed them to tweak the settings more.

According to Polygon, the first Dishonored game already allowed players to replay missions from the start. This appears to be the case in the sequel. It also seems that all progress of players up to the point they first played missions will be carried over in next gameplay.

Although some expressed disappointment by the lack of mission replay when the game first came out. They had to rely on several manually-saved files to replay missions on various settings. Still, this changes when the update hits Steam as a beta form in January 18. The full update arrives in Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 23.

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