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The Division DLC: How PvP Mode Works In Last Stand

The Division DLC

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The Division DLC: How PvP Mode Works In Last Stand

Take a look at the new details released for Tom Clancy’s The Divison. A fresh The Division DLC (downloadable content) features a new peer versus peer (PvP) mode. Furthermore, they are adding another Incursion soon.

The Division DLC

The Division DLC is on its third expansion, known as Last Stand. The peer versus peer mode will be seen in the Dark Zone. Furthermore, peer versus environment (PvE) content is included by way of a a new Incursion. The developers have not shared the details coming to the Incursion. However, details have been revealed for Last Stand’s PvP mode.

The development team of the game added a separate player combat arena in The Division DLC. Even more, the studio added a combination of PvP vs PvE elements. This move pushed gameplay by forcing other engagements with players of the title.

The new eight versus eight (8v8) mode in the Dark Zone instructs two 4-person teams to work together until they reach terminals across the map. Teams are tasked to move to three terminal to control the area, transfer data, and capture them. The terminals become spawn points once captured. To add thrill to the game, players are given options later in the game to allow gamers to spawn onto their teammates and retaliate faster. They can utilize maps and landmarks that can be recognized easily by the players. But, non-participants of Last Stand won’t encounter players of the DLC.

Meanwhile, players can matchmake while going solo or with teams of four. However, they can’t find a match with a team of eight. While the mode happens in the Dark Zone, the normal Rogue minus points do not apply. If the player’s character dies in the game, they will not lose their gear.

Rewards And Other Loot

There is a unique progression system in Last Stand. Players can increase their stats up to Level 40, including winning exclusive items at certain levels. Next, they can get rewards at the end of each match, same as the strategy in Survival. A Gear Score increase is not included in the Last Stand DLC.

Massive Entertainment has not revealed the release date of the DLC for The Division. It will be available across the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 platforms. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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