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The Division Guide To Completing Stolen Signal Incursion

The Division Guide
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The Division Guide To Completing Stolen Signal Incursion

Stolen Signal Incursion is one of the modes available for The Divison‘s update. This The Division guide will teach you how to beat it. Buckle up and gear up for this tricky game mode.

The recent update for The Division put a lot of players at risk with their item and weapon combinations. However, this The Division guide will help you compensate by training for one of the game’s upcoming modes. Players can expect more surprises from Update 1.6 and The Last Stand expansion of the game.

Gamers who want to get ready to try the Stolen Signal can follow this The Division guide. They can log in to their PCs and try the mode in the new Public Test Server. A handful of players have already tried and completed the mode, so here’s how to do it.

The Division Guide: Stolen Signal Incursion

According to Game Rant, the best way to prepare for the television broadcast center is to equip their characters with the best gear they have. There will be a wave of non-player characters (NPCs), so they better be prepared. The Rikers gang holds the center and they are packing heavy artillery, and they are the hardest in the group.

Players are suggested to organize their teams. One player is suggested to take the Reclaimer gear set to be a healer. The other can be a tanker, and there have to be a couple of damage dealers as well. Opponents spawn from all directions, therefore communication is a must.

Gamers have to fight their way to the broadcast center, which is not hard for a well-balanced team. They have to take out security and survive through the building’s three wings to save the captured agents. Here is how to get through each wing.

Wings 1 and 2

The first wing leads players to the StarBreak stage room, located directly behind the receptionist desk. There are a lot of enemies on the get-go, which is a good chance to try the Hungry Hog for its new talent. Players have to take out the shotgunners first, as they pack lethal damage. Focus fire on the packs first, so the heavies will stop from shooting.

A hostage is suspended from the ceiling and has to be protected. The floor itself is electrified as well, so players may want to use the Immunizer mod for the Support Station. The boss, Curveball, has a lot of reinforcements. This means players ought to shoot him and his reinforcements at the same time.

The broadcast studio is on the next wing. A player will have to carry a component down a hallway, and the others have to defend him from a set of turrets at the end of each hallway. The best way is to keep a ballistic shield protecting the component carrier, and the healer to keep everyone alive.

The good news is that at the end of each hallway, players can restock and regroup before taking on the next wave of enemies. Inside the broadcast room, the players will realize that the cover is very limited. So two players, not the healer, should use the Mobile Cover skill with the extension mod.

There will be a lot of enemies to face, and they will continue until the boss is dead. This means one player should damage the boss repeatedly while others fire at the henchmen. Rushers will even try to charge at the hostage, which means players have to protect the hostage as well.

The Final Wing

According to Play I Play, the final wing has a lot of enemies even before getting to reach the area. However, the final wing has a bomb that has to be deactivated and protected from the boss, Pigstick. They only have one minute to deactivate the bomb.

The best way to conquer this is to rush through the room together. A player will be disabling the bomb while the others provide cover. This will trigger a boss cutscene, which prompts a fight. Players better keep an eye on Pigstick as he moves around the room. There will also be a couple of shotgunners and heavies along the way, so players have to deal with them quick. Players can move on to the final area by the time they kill Pigstick.

The final room has new mechanics. The Wild West room has booby traps that “resets” the room after every mistake. At least three members may want to equip ballistic shields to protect the hostages. A gatling fire is at the end of the room, so players better stay protected from the assault.

The Last Boss

After defeating the NPCs, the gun will focus on one of the three hostages. Players only have 15 seconds to protect them. One or two players should be in reserve to attack the other NPCs. By the time this is done, players are tasked to activate pyrotechnics while receiving gatling fire. This means other players should protect that person as well.

The boss of the stage is Jackalope, who has a lot of reinforcements with him. Players should attack Jackalope and the reinforcements, but should take note that the gatling gun will focus on the hostages again after the fight. Another boss named Bighorn will appear to fight the players.

After killing Bighorn, players will have to face the final wave of enemies. The gatling guns will once again fire at all the hostages, which means the team has 30 seconds to protect everyone. The players still have to activate one more round of pyrotechnics and face off against the last boss, Bobcat.

He may appear to be a huge tank at first, but the trick is to clear the room of regular enemies. Tactical Links are recommended to deal extra damage to Bobcat, and the other enemies after defeating him. After clearing the room, the new stage is completed and loot is awarded.

There is still no indication just how the stage affects the overall plot of the story. Players that are interested can watch the trailer of the new DLC below. Ubisoft has still kept mum about the overall story of the Last Stand DLC, which will hopefully provide answers to the mysteries behind the game’s setting.

The Division is set in a post-apocalyptic United States where a group of secret agents are “activated” after a bio attack has plagued the country. They are tasked to “reform” the country as the survivors and find a cause of the mysterious attack. However, players are put on a standstill as they have no idea who else is in “the Division” and if other survivors are on their side.

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