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The Division PS4 Update: 1080p PS4 Pro Support, Survival DLC & More

The Division PS4
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The Division PS4 Update: 1080p PS4 Pro Support, Survival DLC & More

Ubisoft recently released an update for The Division PS4. A rundown of the details, as well as developments in the back-end of the software can be seen here.

The Division PS4 UI Upgrade

The user interface (UI) of The Division will be increased to 1080p. Furthermore, PlayStation 4 owners will notice the improvement on the graphics, enhancing shadows and reflections of the characters.

Support for the Survival expansion is also included in the update. In addition, a fix for the CE-34878 error was also seen in the patch. The error manifests in entertainment systems that are infected with a virus, as well as the poorly optimized ones.

Gameplay and Features

Those who are interested to download the update should free up at least 2.8GB of space. Users can now enable player versus player (PVP) or player versus environment (PVE) in Survival mode. Moreover, they can add up to 24 players in the game.

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There is also a new antagonist in the game. Hunter is a dangerous new enemy that is built to always be a step ahead of the protagonist. He is faster and more prepared to fight.

Besides the features mentioned above, users can now find shelter, fires and design clothes for the cold weather. They can also scavenge for snack bars and food to increase health. Water is crucial because the agent’s vision will be affected if it is dehydrated.

In case Survival shows offline even though the console is connected to the internet, Ubisoft advised players to download the Survival DLC to unlock it while in the game. The Division PS4 Survival DLC can be downloaded at the PlayStation Store.

The Division revolves around an agent’s ordeal after a snowstorm hit his chopper. He must find ways to get past the cold by searching for warmth and food in order to survive. Even more, his dilemma should not hinder him from finding the cure which he was tasked to do originally.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The third expansion titled The Division, Last Stand is slated to hit the video game counters in 2017.

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