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The Division Update On Anniversary Event, Year 2 Content & More

The Division
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The Division Update On Anniversary Event, Year 2 Content & More

Tom Clancy fans will have a lot of things to expect for The Division in 2017. It seems a slate of new features will arrive in the game. These all coincide with the title’s first anniversary.

Players may be able to see The Division as a refreshing take on the Tom Clancy line of games. The Ubisoft installment is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) title that takes place in the post-apocalyptic United States. Gamers take on the role of Division agents, a clandestine special operations group in charge of restoring order in society.

However, The Division retains classic Tom Clancy elements such as an emphasis on stealth and realistic weapons. Fans will also appreciate the depth of character customization the title offers. Regardless, it seems Ubisoft has more plans for its game this year.

The Division: What’s in Store For Year 2

VG247 explains that much of the Year 2 additions in the game focus on updating some gameplay mechanics. The biggest of these is the arrival of two free expansions for players to enjoy. Both expansions will arrive in the three platforms, but neither has concrete release dates.

The first expansion will include the new Loadouts feature. Players of the game can equip themselves with various armors, weapons, and skills. If certain equipment pieces correspond to a “theme,” they activate a loadout that provides their character with bonuses. However, the current system of wearing loadouts is hassling as gamers have to constantly switch between them manually.

The new Loadouts feature will now allow players to switch Loadout sets with a press of a button. This will provide a boost for gamers who want to focus on player-versus-player (PvP) combat in the dangerous Dark Zone. However, the first expansion has other features as well.

Seasons, PTR

The first expansion will also get “Seasons” or timed events with special rewards. These missions will force players to fulfill achievements using certain skills. This will not only train them but give them exclusive awards as well.

Another new feature will be the arrival of Feats. These are “achievements” in the form of cosmetic patches that can be placed in characters’ armors. These are earned through special “tasks” that have not been detailed yet.

Players can expect the healing boost in the Last Stand game mode to be fixed in the newest patch. Ubisoft also plans on bringing a new Public Test realm (PTR) to consoles. This is good news to console players, as the title’s current PTR accommodates PC players.

The DivisionRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

A teaser of the Tom Clancy game’s anniversary event. Image from the Ubisoft Blog.

Sequel, Other News

The second expansion of the game will be related to the title’s overall story. However, there are no details as to what it exactly contains. Creative director Julian Gerighty told GameSpot that there are no plans for a sequel “yet.” However, he did tease that there are other long-term goals fro the title. Again, these were not exactly emphasized.

The game’s story currently explores the mystery behind the viral pandemic that was launched in the United States. The title is set in an alternate timeline where the said virus was accidentally launched on a massive scale in 2001, leading to massive casualties. Players, as Division agents, are tasked to find the pandemic’s origins.

Players who log into the game starting from March 9 will have special Anniversary Items. These include a new celebration emote and 200 Premium Credit they can use to purchase items. Gamers who pursue High-Value Targets will also get double rewards until March 11. If fans play the game from March 11 to March 16, they can get Double Field Proficiency Caches if they fill up their Field Proficiency bars.

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