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The Division Update On Difficulty Setting, Skill Balance & More

The Division update

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The Division Update On Difficulty Setting, Skill Balance & More

The Division update 1.6 is now being rolled out by Ubisoft. This is taking place along with the official release of Last Stand. The latter is the third paid upgrade from the company.

Ubisoft has already talked about several changes for The Division update 1.6. The company is already making everything official in a blog. All players of the shooting based game will now be able to enjoy this upgrade.

The Division update brings in several exciting changes according to Polygon. Ubisoft says that the Dark Zone will be doubling in size! The company also states that these are some of the biggest changes for the game.

Exciting Changes & Developments 

Ubisoft launched this game in March 2016. These changes represent the most comprehensive update till date. A new area will open in the PvE and PvP Dark Zone’s northern parts. Players will now get Dark Zone 8, 7 and 9.

Ubisoft states that situations in these particular zones will be “especially dire”. The company also confirms “a couple of surprises” for the same. The company also states that all these new spaces will double in size in comparison to the present Dark Zone.

This will encompass all underground and vertical zones alike. Players can also easily insta-travel across the entire map according to the company. Player inventories will now get loot automatically courtesy Clearing Landmarks.

These will bypass any physical extraction requirements. Yet, NPC enemies are spawned in bigger numbers by Landmarks. These will increase in ferocity in the map’s northern portions as a result.

What to Expect 

Contamination Events are going to be added on an hourly basis. Health management will be crucial against all enemies. There will be leader boards with several rewards along with the legendary difficulty setting.

You can also expect new gear and exotic items according to GameSpot. There will be a change in the health balance and armor. You could also expect changes for earlier gear sets and skill balance.

Hip fire stability will also be lowered while unlimited weapon calibration will also be a possibility. This new update will be accessible for players across all platforms.

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