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The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Kid Flash, Jesse Quick & The Flash Team Up Against Savitar

The Flash season 3
Image Source: The Flash Facebook Account


The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Kid Flash, Jesse Quick & The Flash Team Up Against Savitar

The Flash season 3 may not be hitting its target ratings but for those who have stood by the series, it is still better than what they have imagined it to be. Time is almost up for the first half of the third season and that is why fans of the show cannot get enough of the second half spoilers.

The Flash season 3 team ups

The Flash has only been on air for two years but it has already done a lot in terms of storyline. Viewers were able to see in the past two seasons some incredible team ups, a successful (and infamous) crossover, seemingly formidable opponents, and more than eight speedsters.

According to a report by iDigital Times, The Flash, Jesse Quick and Kid Flash will be teaming up together. Some set photos taken by random fans and paparazzi sites were published on Twitter. There is one very interesting photo taken during the set.

It seems that Cisco is also part of the action. Although he is just wearing a sneak peek of the final suit, it probably is powerful enough as it is. Apparently, Cisco’s suit is the most powerful among the other heroes, according to the producers.

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It is not only the superheroes who are teaming up in The Flash season 3 part 2. The God of Speed, Savitar, is reported to be teaming up with Gorilla Grood. Grood will be an excellent compliment to the speed of Savitar as he was built to destroy everything in his path. He has the true nature of a gorilla which is very territorial. As iTech Post reported, he truly is a testament of strength and power.

The Flash definitely has to team up with other superheroes as it was already established that he cannot defeat The God of Speed one on one. Even more so now that Savitar is teaming up with Grood!

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